An offer from lucifuge rofocale

[quote=“Zac, post:1, topic:7920”]Recently I’ve been working closely with lucifuge rofocale and have reached a point where he speaks directly into my mind outside of rituals. He would like me to encourage more people to invoke him to learn about the magic and entities he has to offer so to speak

feel free to message me for advice or check my post to read about my experiences[/quote]

We love Lucifuge

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Looking forward to everything you possibly can say, and teach about him.

What are his primary abilities? Can he help me in developing an enjoyable, money making career working for myself?

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I am most interested in anything you can teach me. I was busy writing up a new post regarding this, but saw that this post contained most of the vital information.

I’ve been watching various YouTube videos and reading up a lot on this particular Demon. The general consensus is that he is a great entity to start with. I understand that he is very patient and enjoys teaching those he deems willing. Therein lies my first question: How do I prove my willingness. One of the videos said to use two black candles (or white if black is unavailable). I’m currently in a situation where obtaining a black candle, and many of the other accoutrements required for a ritual, is not so easy. So, is it really okay to use white.

Then it is said to draw the sigil and meditate upon it every day for as much time as a can free up. I’ve been told that the sigil:


is in fact the incorrect one. Can you guide me as to the correct one to use?

Then there is the incantation - Eyen tasa valocur Lucifuge Rofocale
How important is the pronunciation of this incancation. I assume is should be said often during the meditation on the sigil and focusing on that which I desire.
Then once I am done, I use the second incantation - Alash Tad Alash tal Ashtu

It then mentions leaving an offering of whiskey or even chocolate. Now the question is how long to do leave these items standing for, then what do I do with them afterwards. It seems a shame to just pour them out, or eat them???

While I am focusing on my request from Lucifuge Rofocale, I would obviously need to make an offer myself, something both he and I agree on - he does me a favour and I do one in return. How do I know what he wants from me?

I feel like I’m just dumping all these questions, but I’m sure there are many out there who have the same questions. I truly hope you can guide me and I feel very strongly that this demon is the one who is the guardian of the gate to my true Black Magick practice.



Your post caught my attention. Turns out that Lucifuge, and belial are my temporary guides. Question: What kind of offering does he like?take? Also, I don’t use triangles and protection circles in much the same philosophy as Baal Kadmon. Is it safe for a relatively new magician to evoke him this way?
Lastelty, looking to write a kind of “house rules” for spirits i the form of a pact. I was thinking of asking Lucifuge to ensentially re-inforce what I was writing so that if anyone disobeys the rules…he takes care of them…something to this effect: “By entering this home you agree and are bound to these rule,. Should you attempt to break any of these rules…you will deal with Lucifuge”…its just an idea.



Ps: since you have his ear, tell him that the one writing this post has had a desire to connect with him…wonder what he"d say.

This thread is over two years old, and the OP who posted it has been banned. He will not respond to you.

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will have to pay attention to the info.

Since you have been around here for a while, what are your thoughts on my questions?

This is superfluous. When you enter a pact with any spirit, the spirit is bound by what you set out in the pact. It is a binding agreement between the two of you. As long as you do what you promise, the spirit will keep its word. I don’t think using Lucifuge Rofocale as a bouncer will get you very far. Threatening spirits you want to work for you with the wrath of another supposedly more powerful spirit, won’t win you any friends.

I would say, no, simply because of Lucifuge Rofocale’s reputation. He is a very powerful spirit, known to be dangerous, and I do not think a beginner would be capable of handling him, especially without having any experience in evocation.


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This is a question I also have about the offerings in general.

This has been answered in numerous threads. Just use the search function and look up “disposal of offerings.”

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May I ask : what did you do to get to that level of closeness with him? Any advice …things one should know to get that level of inimicy?

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never eat an offering. usually you can leave offerings out for about 3 days to a week depending. set them somewhere they won’t be disturbed or on an altar.

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Yes. The same way you just did here.

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