Sleep Deprivation.. how does it affect magic?

I know supposedly it helps with the psychic senses, but how does it affect your part in doing magic? Wouldn’t you be so tired that you can’t focus well enough on the energies and intent needed? Ive never done this before so im curious.


It thins the veil between the conscious and subconscious. That part of the mind that manifests in dreams is denied to the point that it becomes like a cup too full and begins spilling over into waking consciousness, hence hallucinations and things. And since that part of the mind is where the intent of a working goes to gestate, the bridge between the conscious and unconscious becomes more solid temporarily. The sleeping mind is also more vulnerable and open to interaction with entities, so if you’re partially there in waking consciousness, or more than you normally would be due to sleep deprivation, well…

I hope that makes sense. I’m writing this while a little sleep deprived.


It’s not fun I haven’t done it for awhile but here is a thread I posted awhile back trying sleep deprivation with @DarkestKnight, if it helps you at all


Well, this topic brings back memories of earlier experiments. I managed to stay up for 80 hours (probably one of the most difficult tests of will I have done ). I think there might be a point where there is almost a cut off. After 78 hours, I was too far mentally gone to really pay attention to much after staying up for 80. I was so lost from exhaustion and the currents that it is hard to recall much around that time, although I was certainly not at a point where I could focus enough to perform magic. It felt like walking through knee deep mud towards the end. Damn near slept for twenty hours afterwards.

I was also 18 at the time. Not quite confident I could do it again now, nine years later.

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I have employed biphasic and polyphasic sleep cycles to cause a sort of controlled sleep deprivation. These altered consiousness states have allowed me to fluidly “check out” of reality for the purposes of spell weaving, plane walking/astral projection and a variety of other magic related tasks. I’ve been training myself with this technique for around 4 years; it took several months of practice before it became useful. Uncontrolled, untrained sleep deprivation is otherwise detrimental to focus and efficacy of any magic work from what I’ve observed.

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I believe anything you experience during sleep deprivation shouldn’t be taken 100% since the mind starts to hallucinate, it doesn’t open psychic senses because psychic senses aren’t closed and sleep deprivation isn’t going to make you instantly able to perceive and such these things.