First summoning

I’m fairly new to all this, I’ve been planning to evoke a spirit to help me achieve my goals.

I plan on being a music artist. HEAR ME OUT! It’s the only thing I actually love, I’ve been working at a grocery store and all I can think about is how I would love to quit so I can inspire others to think and open their minds and really show the world how good “evil” can be through my music.

I just don’t know who I should evoke and how to prepare for this (mentally and physically)


King Paimon may be able to help you. He’s also good with beginners, so it’s a good choice.


Go find the introduction thread and follow the rules - use search to find it and follow everything the moderators and tutorials request you to do.


Funny, the HEAR ME OUT is important.

Someone in your life must be sneering at the idea of you being a musician. Don’t fall for that horse shit. Music is a legit craft and people make a living with it. You don’t have to be a world famous rock star. I let people shit on my self image as an artist when I was young and I deeply regret it.

Almost all the gods and demons love artists. Build your skills and they will probably come after you. King Paimon is well known for helping people get their shit together professionally. I second that suggestion.


Please introduce yourself in the Intro thread and tell us a bit about yourself and your magical experience. It is one of the rules of this forum and will help us answer any questions you may have, Just click the link below:


Thanks to everyone so much I appreciate it!!

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This thread may be hlepful to you: