A call for 3 Skilled Black Magick practitioners

This might be some synchronicity: Today I saw a FB message come by that said a person with the same first name as the target went missing. The name didn’t grab my attention though, it was the picture of the missing man. It looked almost exactly like the target. Might just be coincidence but you know what they say about magick and coincidence.

I feel this is a sign we’re on the right track.

I want to thank all the members who showed interest and tried to help, if there’s anyone else who’d like to assist please send me a PM or reply here.


Divination I had interpreted last week suggested things were taking affect but your target has a strong will, especially when it comes to living.


Yeah he’s very strong willed and pretty much only cares for his own well being. I think that’s why so many magicians including me have had trouble trying to bring him down.

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Doing a quick bump on this thread. Target still remains alive unfortunately. We can use all the help we can get, for those interested please PM me or reply to this thread.

And a big thank you to those who have already showed interest!

I will help.

Welcome to the forum! Please take a moment to click below and introduce yourself before jumping into a working like this. Let us know your experience:


Sent you a PM!

Fascinating. I was wondering about this… if you were going to remove an abuser from its abuse victims, including you (by physical death of the body) would you also have to kill off pieces of the abuser in every person he/she has affected?

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Hiya! IME this happens pretty frequently, although it’s a bit more unusual on an organized level. People unconsciously make ‘Horcruxes’ of themselves by having an ‘energetic history’ with other people. Intense memories like bad scars and life-changing highs strengthen the signal of the Horcrux, which some people use as backups for reloading themselves and other people use as weapons of some kind. So people like Voldemort and politicians have themselves spread out in a way that hurts others, and people like Yoda and teachers have shimmied themselves out in a way that protects everybody. It’s a far deeper rabbit hole than you’d expect! :slight_smile:

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In many ways, it seems that Belial is at work

I would agree with you there. I love the way you’ve phrased it. It is one thing to wipe out an incarnation but quite another to wipe out the energetic history of them with others. Is there any relatively simple “erase interactions” or “erase abuse & conditioning retroactively” from someone who was the victim of such an abuser?

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By the way guys, if you really need extra bang for your buck, I recommend blood magick.

Though I have to say that I have a gut feeling about Belial or Asmodeus being present in this little project

Thanks! Deleting somebody’s history can get sticky pretty quickly, unless you happen to have an idea on how they’ve affected anybody they’ve ever met- no way is it feasible to sort everything by hand! I’ve never really come across an energy that specializes in this, but Deities of fog and water seem to just be capable of it, maybe because fog and memory are sorta the same stuff?

I don’t know of a simple fix for this thing. Maybe ask Gluttony? :slight_smile:

Ah interesting, thanks, @Qayos. In @Zyskal’s case and in mine (which is quite similar from the sounds of it) we’d probably just have to eliminate the bad effects the person exerted on us or our loved ones. These would be largely known or easy to guess, I would think. Thanks for the fog and water suggestion, hadn’t considered it.

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Sounds like a narcissist.

Have you tried shielding and severing all etheric attachments, first? It’s very effective if done by a skilled psion.

I have tried everything already in the last couple of years, but divination from myself and others keep saying the only way to get rid of him for good is to just kill him for good. I don’t take death magick lightly at all and have never killed anyone before, because I’ve never needed to. But with this situation I’m starting to get desperate, that’s the reason I came to ask BALG for help.

I see.
What does Samas/Azazel say? Have you sought council?

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I have sought the council of many different demons, but not from Azazel no, as a matter of fact I’ve never worked with Azazel before on anything.

I sttongly feel like you should, in this case.

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