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There are a few references to this in different threads on this forum when used the search mode.


How do I fill in the magic square, and how do I produce his sigil?

I’m thinking partial possession today to get a feel for him and announce my intention.


"Jedan tasa hoet naca, Leviathan (*18)
Lord Leviathan, I ask you to join with me as one. Let my eyes be your eyes to see, let my mind be yours to think with, let my ears be yours to hear with, let my hands be yours to feel with, let my feet be yours to walk with.
Thank you Lord Leviathan.”
Crows filled the yard.


Ha ha how did the partial possession go?
I can’t help but feel that ‘most’ any working with Leviathan will be a partial possession.

Anyways just as some general thoughts to people, there was some debate on whether or not Leviathan was singular or multiple? I think I can help answer that question but be for warned I come from a place of did I or didn’t I just work with Leviathan? Both answers are true, I did and didn’t work with Leviathan and he is and isn’t plural, there is one Leviathan, like there is one God and many of us and many gods all coming from the same source all being consciousness. I would describe Leviathan as an abysmal super organism that is both lovely and dangerous. Working with Leviathan as I said can be like a partial possession. Leviathan to a degree takes you over when you work with him… though the spirit I worked with was much more female, and Leviathan is often much more associated as a female, but perhaps appears one way or another depending on necessity though I sort of see as more female from what I heard but perhaps also more that and what I experienced.

I was astral traveling the underworld and had people feed me Levi’s (Lev-eez) an astral drug made out of Leviathan the idea was to heal and recondition myself. If I was to write a survive the underworld guide, Leviathan would be close to the top of the list. Leviathan can take you over, can be incredibly wicked, can be the serpent that swallows it’s own tail, but is a being that simultaneously should be respected in a way, Leviathan can be an incredible healer, Leviathan can warp your sexuality so that you are deeply aroused into Ecstasy over some weird ass shit you would normally never ever go for, can take the most horrible torment and and make you feel at peace and even enjoy it, which can apply to hell or dealing with trauma or reconditioning your mind. I see Leviathan as pretty bad ass and see why Lev is seen as dark perhaps we can say?

This should also be cautioned as it is not easy to control and it is easy for it to control you.
I have (I think just taking low dosages) but find that it is a drug and can make you very goofy.
Sometimes I think I’ve come down and next thing I find myself wanting to be a slutty pink dragon that puts out for all the demons. lol Levi’s. lol plus I work with Belial too. lol
But what’s much worse is sometimes thinking you are doing well and feeling really on top of your game and suddenly you get hit with an inverse light and you realize… shit I’m still on the gas. Even my demon guides are saying to lay off the Levi’s, but there is nuance as it is part of my path working.

Anyways yes Leviathan was Tiamat was another name for the same being, I would also say that in the Greek tradition that the Hydra would be the same. So if anyone is familiar with that in the story Hercules would cut the head off one snake and multiple new ones would grow from the same one. Leviathan I would argue is much the same way.


I want to write one last thing, because later I got off the computer and ended up talking with Leviathan, not just taking the astral drug, it was a good talk, that I hope to put in a book with a collection of talks from all the Goetic kings and others, but just thought I would clear up something, that Leviathan won’t necessarily take you over in a huge state of possession but it is an entity that can be very easy to get lost in.


Good Day Sophia, I was motivated to create this account specifically to expound on this comment. I would like to share an of an experience of an entity I believe may’ve been the same as what you described.

I've gone to great measures to inquire the identity of this being with no success beyond my own imagination. So to have discovered this comment indirectly, (relating to an experience of such great ambiguity) confirms what was somewhat unsuspected.

In short, I was approached by the Abysmal presence of an awkward-gaited, dark androgynous being who had on its head a mushroom-gilled conical Kippah (that appeared to function as a Collar/Mantle Cavity of a Squid). She/He was sporting a modest black suit blazer over a greyish-black T-shirt, black pants and well-worn black boots. I must Emphasize the essence of this being, for the quality thereof was both serpentine, aquatic and "deep". (much like the feeling I get from a "bad" mushroom trip) 

Though this being didn’t speak at all, She/He showed very pronounced forms and archetypes of importance both representing and triggering internal latent attributes. One of which was a giant 3D rendering of Meshuggahs “ObZen” album cover.

any thoughts? Thanks

I’ve been searching for more information about Leviathan. I’ve been lead to believe that the sigil for Leviathan is the infinity sign with the double cross on it. I’ve also been informed that that symbol is the symbol for black silver. Are you able to clear this up for me?

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Leviathan of the Water
Behemoth of Earth
Ziz of the Air
… Fire
… Azoth - - >Satan ruler of the Qliphot

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It is like how Azazel has the Saturn sigil, it doesn’t really make much sense. Interestingly I evoked her recently, probably have a clearer understanding of what spirit is and isn’t her, as well as made a new sigil that seems sort of better. Maybe I am being lead to show it.

So something like that, but this should probably just be the ruff copy.

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Thank you. I greatly appreciate it you sharing.

Hi All, I wanted to share some notes on my recent work with Leviathan, and reckon this is a good place for it. I have been working with Leviathan for around a month or so, from the perspective of the Draconian Tradition. It has involved invocations, light sigil meditation and on one occasion sleeping with the sigil under my pillow. The invocation I used was from Asenath Mason’s Draconian Ritual Book. The sigil used is also from the same book. There was no full evocation work as I felt that from the Draconian perspective Leviathan’s essence is too vast to be ‘contained’, so to speak. I received a lot of information - so I will limit this post to some of the significant gnosis.

The main theme during this work was that of ‘infinity’, which I’ll go into more detail about, and as expected- there were a lot of visions relating to water and serpents- the most significant which I’ll mention below as well.

With regards to the subject of infinity- I was reminded just how immensely vast this concept truly is. Though I know its not correct, whenever I think of the word infinity- the image that automatically pops into my head is that of the expansiveness of cosmic space (which is of course a very human interpretation of it). I was reminded (in an experiential rather than mere intellectual way) that ‘infinity’ extends in all directions and dimensions and encompasses literally every possible potential (I need to reiterate that while I know this is obvious, we tend to forget the true magnitude of these ideas, in the same way that say, we ‘know’ that a billion dollars/pounds is a lot of money, but can’t really conceptualise it). I had fleeting visions of its terrible vastness and it was equally disorientating and fascinating. The phrase that came to mind a lot was that of ‘Dreaming outside of ones skull’- which was something Apep said to Michael Kelly as documented in his work ‘Apophis’. I was also reminded that infinity extends inwards as well as outwards, and of course, designations like ‘big’, ‘small’ etc are all utterly meaningless in the absence of context. Also, I perceived that fractal patterns correspond to Ouroboros- the snake biting its own tail.

One of goals I wanted to achieve through this work was breaking out of a sort of self imposed ’mental prison’ of Qabalistic thought- since I have been extensively studying Qabalah as of late, and as amazing as the system is- it has somewhat constrained my thought patterns due to the extreme complexity and analytical nature of the system, and also the tendency of it to be polarising (Tree of Life VS Tree of Death etc). One of the visions I experienced was that of the Tree of Life submerged in what I felt were primordial waters. The structure of the ToL was sort of suspended within this realm of water, and significantly, it was decomposing- a rotten ‘dead’ structure, with snakes wending in and out of the the spaces where the Sephiroth would’ve been. The feeling of this experience can only be described as extremely ‘Other’. I can’t find any words to describe the feeling of it and the emotions it stirs up. It is intensely primal. It is neither positive nor negative, but it feels incredibly remote and disorientating yet fascinating, and there is a feeling of loss associated with it (it is entirely pre/post human).

I am currently unsure of exactly what it means, but I have a theory. The crux of it lies in the direct understanding that the Tree of Life/Death as we know it is ONLY a map, and not to get too hung up about the specifics of it when it becomes an obstacle to ascent rather than a catalyst for it. To word it differently, the direct experience of a thing will always supersede the ‘mapping’ of that thing, so to speak. Of course Leviathan, the Dragon, is older than any man-made system, regardless of how good that system may be.

The Qabalistic method is a system of organising and tracing the unfolding of reality/consciousness, and it is an incredibly detailed system. Other systems contain the same core concepts- Eastern mysticism or the Kybalion for example, so it’s not that they are wrong, they just don’t ‘dissect’ these concepts as exhaustively and into such small parts of the whole (to my knowledge at least, I may be wrong). The former system ‘zooms in’ on reality and the latter ‘zooms out ‘and offers a bigger picture kinda view. I drew up the following analogy:

3 + 1 = 4 AND

2 + 2 = 4 AND

1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 4 etc… we can continue dividing up the number 4 into, well… infinity :wink:

Obviously, all of the above are correct. I would in this example associate the ‘1+1+1+1=4’ with the Qabalistic model. The problem that I faced the last few months was that, even though I understood that all the above equations (metaphors for different systems with the same core Truths) are valid, I still had this annoying bias in thinking that the Qabalistic system is ever so slightly MORE ‘True’ or significant, due to it being the most elaborate. However, I have through the work with Leviathan started to realise that this is not correct. All ways of dividing the All, are in fact equally valid (at least this is my current Gnosis). Its difficult to explain exactly what I mean in words- but essentially when considering, say, the equation 2 +2 = 4, from this point of view, the other ways of dividing up the 4 may as well not exist- as within that paradigm, that equation becomes the whole truth , so to speak. This concept also ties in to the Law of Polarity as codified in the Kybalion (Everything “is” and “isn’t” at the same time, all truth are but half truths and every truth is half false). I had direct Gnosis of this axiom a few years ago, and since then it has become one of the cornerstones of my belief and practice (and something that Hecate has taught me about further)- yet for some reason I was having difficulty applying this to the issue I had with the Qabalah vs other reality maps.

I had other visions involving water, which I won’t go into detail about now, but one thing I noticed was that in none of them were the waters ‘dark’. It always felt like it was either daytime or sunset, or that there was a source of light nearby. This is in contrast to the ‘dark waters’ I experienced when I did some basic work with Cthulhu, and I note that Tiamat is also associated with ‘dark waters’. Why Leviathan is different, I haven’t quite figured out. I can’t help but make the connection with the ‘Ain Soph Aur’ (there she goes again haha). If anyone else has had a similar experience I’d like to know about it.

During the last invocation, I had another acute experience of that same sort of ‘distant, disorientating, yet not unpleasant’ Otherness. As I moved into every room in my flat, I experienced it from the perspective of being smaller in size (say- insect sized or so). In my mind I saw and FELT how every room would be perceived from that perspective- massive, hall-like and almost intimating, as opposed to my usual perception of it being my humble little flat. I had the direct experience of the fact that nothing truly is just ‘one thing’. Perspective is everything and there are, literally, an infinite amount of perspectives in any given instance. Every thing is something else to something else .

On a practical level, I had an unexpected breakthrough in terms of a problem I’ve been dealing with for a while now with regards to my relationship. I was able to, in a very vivid dream, directly experience my partner’s point of view on the matter. I woke up thinking ‘oh my god- I finally GET it, I understand how you feel!’ This really was invaluable information. I believe this stems from the association of Leviathan with the realm of emotions and emotional mastery.

One last thing I feel is worth mentioning: when I was looking up the gematria correspondences for the word infinity, one of them was- The Hermit. I later found out that apparently the entity Dagon (another water deity) is also associated with this card! At this point I’m not seeing the connection tbh, but I think its something I will need to meditate on further- as it feels pretty significant.

Hopefully this doesn’t all sound too crazy, I didn’t actually intend to write this much lol. But anyway its been a while since I’ve shared personal experiences on BALG- and I currently have more time on my hands than usual. :woman_shrugging:


So first off, Belial rarely recommends another entity for you to work with, so thats either interesting or alarming. Second off, I would definitely research Leviathan much better before I undertake a path with him. I am sure you already know this however :slightly_smiling_face:

For the past few weeks i been dreaming about the ocean for a while.

I keep on dreaming of this man with blue hair who always hugs me with his tail and one day he pulled me down the ocean and wanted to gave me a ring. Yesterday, i dreamed of him again but this time asking if i wanna go with him

Not sure if that’s similar to your experience but I had became familiar with Leviathan through a game called “Obey me”

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The entity you are describing sounds very familiar to me. What are some of his other features, and could you possibly draw a rough sketch of some sort? I’m genuinely curious if this is the same entity I’m thinking of, or just a coincidence.

This is not my drawing but this is the closest on what he looked like he has a more longer hair and he’s almost olive to pale white skin

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