Possessing Someone else

I already have the soul travel course but I feel like I need something quicker to prove that the result I want can be done. Is there anyone who would be able to cast that spell for me?

Don’t rush it. Trust me.

To be honest, i completly don’t get how a 23 years old male can ask for an even younger Vessle!!

Get the vessle you have, fixed!

ask again when you’re somewhere between 60 and 99. :wink:

Besides, true Full Body Adoption, means to DIE!

Becouse you leave back your old vessle without any Spirit, and therefore unable to sustain life.

And your own Essence would be much to busy fighting the Spirit of the Body out, that you posses.
So, seriously, my advice is, life before you ask for a New life.

'Couz even for the oldest and most cruel creatures, that step isn’t one to take lightly!


  • Personal opinion tho. :wink:



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I completely agree with coyote. Do not rush it. Take your time, do your research and perfect your basics.


Careful what you ask for. There are some people with a wicked sense of humor around here. You might find yourself in a new body alright … just to discover it’s a fuckin’ doll. Chucky anyone? lol

Seriously, if someone had that power … why would they just give it to you? The people who understand how to do things like this, don’t need anything from you. And they sure as hell aren’t going to talk about it in public.

You are literally talking about one of the most coveted secrets that humans, with their limited life spans, have always tried to gain, understand, and control.


Is there a pay for spell section of this forum if there is can you direct me to it. “spell for hire etc.” please and thank you.

no but there are members that do own shops or if you pm them will arrange something like that with you

Please direct me to them thank you.

Well, since BALG is how E.A. Koetting makes his livelihood, and he’s a serious professional sorcerer, we’re gonna direct you right over to him.

Just go to the main BALG page, hover over the big red “Browse” button in the top left hand corner, hover over the “Rituals & Consultations” menu option, and you’ll see who is available and the kinds of rituals they do for people.

And since this is a business, no one else can advertise on here. You’re free to check out the personal profiles of people whose posts you like and see if there’s any links to their own websites.

Honestly, I’d just go to E.A. Koetting himself for a question like this. He’s had a lot of first-hand experience with possession and I think his expertise would help you.

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I’ve actually be successful in switching bodies with other individuals but it’s not the best thing in the world I don’t recommend it

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You all can try this on me. Anytime.

Welcome to the forum, @Devcat27. Please take a moment to click the image below and introduce yourself:


Do you simply get off on being a spiritual crash test dummy or what?

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Ya got me dead with that one

I keep on asking. Someday I MIGHT get my wish.

It’s not something I’d wish for it’s not the greatest experience you might be more beneficial to look into hypnotism if you really are certain you don’t want control, it’s safer

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Meh, hypnosis is fun, and I have some radical ideas, but my morals are a lot looser than most.

I can’t imagine what this earth will be like in another 100 years if mankind still has the reins. It’s quite possible it’ll be a wasteland.

It’ll be interesting to see I’m certainly looking forward to it.

How to possessing soneone eles for a few hours.
But quick ways