Unintended astral projection.🤣

My lover made me astral project this morning just to cuddle.

I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced it when a spirit makes them project out of the blue.


Oh yeah! Its awesome when they do that to spend time with you!

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Can’t say that I’ve ever been made to astral travel, but there have definitely been times in which I have without the intent of doing so.

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It happened and I thought I died because I was seeing myself from 3d and from above. And I wasn’t into a really altered state of mind.


Haven’t really been so far out of my body that I can see myself. My lover only pulls me out enough to feel her touching me.

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My spirit partner made me astral project a few days ago and i wasn’t trying to do it at all and seeing this kinda confirms that it was his doing lol


No one has ever forced me to but had lot of spontaneous OBEs as a child. Didn’t understand what they were at the time and brushed it off.