Do certain demons find you unworthy a?

After a period of many months working with Belial and having him arrange circumstances that

saved my ass concerning some legal bullshit-Long story short I got a drug possession charge

and ended up on probation. Being a junkie it was very difficult to stop using even with the threat of

jail on my ass.- it seems that he will not reveal himself further or teach me the things I want to

learn. He just sort of disappeared. after leaving me off decently situated when came to my legal

issues. I don’t fear jail anymore nor am I using drugs except for kratom, which is a huge step up. I

asked him to lift my case completely but he hasn’t wnated to do that apparently. Also he doesn’t

seem to want to help me to aquire wealth. But either way I’m grateful for what he has done.

Anyway, when I was in fear of jail he revealed himself extremely clearly. I inscribed his sigil in a

candle and began chanting his name. The room changed and was swarmed by what I describe as

ethereal winds. It felt as if my blood was pulsing with this other worldly power. My aura took the

shape of a hooded older man with no hair and grey skin. I began pacing and pounding my fists

together without an ounce of pain, in fact it was pleasant. The rage I felt was ecstatic and filled

with strength. I wish I could describe the intensity. It was an intensity mixed with perfect peace.

The vibe was as if he were plotting something, something big, cosmic…That was the most real

experience I ever had with him.

I have thought that maybe he has given me time to get off the kratom as well. But after many failed attempts I figue maybe I am unworthy because at the end of the day the breaker of chains is against any form of bondage. Could Belial give a fuck about my kratom habit? How can I please this king and have him help me achieve wealth knowledge and power?

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He has helped you already as you said so I don’t think he finds you “unworthy”. However, it is known that Belial hates all kinds of addiction, and you not dropping the drugs completely could be a reason to displease him, so now he’s just “punishing you” by not appearing. Have you tried to ask him for help with your addiction?

No, he’s not gonna do that.

Most likely because of the reason no1: drugs. Also, what have you done to aquire wealth…?



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I agree with @Anassa
The drug issue is… Well… The issue.