Ring in ears when spirits or demon are around

Yes–for years now…at times when they are very near the ringing is very loud–then it goes away.

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Sure, but maybe you want to control your own mind, when working with non-physical Inteligent forces. :wink:

Besides… You talked about entering other peoples conciousness. :stuck_out_tongue:



Bruh I hear bineural sounds when I’m tryna evocate or meditate and then my forehead starts to hurt :thinking: guess my third eye is progressing


I get this, but I think it’s just my tinnitus. However, whenever I do an evocation, it gets more tolerable, in a sense. I don’t try to think much of it, and just let it leave my thoughts.

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Strange experiences for sure. A lot I can’t even sift through. Looking more into this

oh you are so right! When i was praying to god in the past i didn’t feel anything. Now with deities the experience is amazing :slight_smile:


Right? I can’t help but to invest more and more thought and energy into this

Lol, that’s what I used to associate it with, cause my grandma said if your left ear is ringing, someone is speaking well of you & if it’s your right ear, they’re speaking ill (I think I got the sides correct). She also said if you want someone speaking ill of you to bite their tongue, lick your finger & stick it in your right ear while it’s ringing, lol. I might’ve done that once or twice for fun. I know now it’s spirits trying to communicate.


I was searching for some info and came across this topic randomly… and just wanted to mention that since taking the left hand path and honing my astral skills, as well as doing evocations, I have repeatedly felt a heaviness in my ears randomly as well as during meditations. I get actual ringing sometimes but that’s nothing new for me. But this is different… it’s not a sharp high toned ring. It’s either pressure, like someone’s softly blowing in my ear, or a low vibrating. When it happens, I always say out loud that I am listening. I think there’s a blockage between myself and the entities if that’s what it is, because it truly feels like contact or replies are being attempted and I just can’t quite break through. I want to! That’s why I meditate so much and listen often. It’s strange I came across this post because I had been thinking about it a lot recently.


I feel the same way and experience the same thing. You’re onto something.


I honestly thought I was trippin balls when this first happened to me. It was so weird the first time. For me it sounds like rushing water / static / white noise / ringing all in one, and it gets so loud the closer an entity is to me. At first I didn’t think nothing of it, then it started happening more, then I realized that I am actually sensing an entity / demon near me. Weird thing is I have no clue why it happens, but when I ‘hear’ it I get paralyzed and it’s hard to move, but when I move in the slightest it gets so deafening. Last time it happened, like 2 weeks ago I was laying down and trying to get into a trance like state again, then I felt something come over me, then I couldn’t move, then I heard that noise. Then I could really tell there was an entity standing next to me, and I tried my best to move, but the noise got soooo loud and when I finally did move to look at the entity it growled at me then I was instantly asleep. Mannnn it’s annoying sometimes :joy: :joy:


I specifically looked for a thread like this because I wanted to know if it was common. After my first evocation with Amon a few days ago it started, every time I did an evocation to a new spirit and recently a petition, it happened just a few minutes after. I think with Amon it started something with me, after that evocation I felt at peace and had a visitation, though not physical, I felt it, I couldn’t sleep that night because random sounds that came from nowhere kept waking me up and I experienced dreams that weren’t like dreams because I don’t remember ever falling asleep, just twisting and turning. Ever since then the ringing came.


i have for my whole entire life been hearing this sound i can conciously make this sound louder but once i do it i cant stop and ive constantly been attacked by this one demon causing it i can sometimes unconciously out of my control hear peoples thoughts and see bits and fragments of the very near future when i breath or inhale it tries to possess me i can remotely see places like my house during my sleep. it refuses to reveal its identity and minics my form my every thought is intteruppted by this being i also see flashes of satanic pentagrams when blinking i need to know what the fuck im dealing with ive been thfough the worst because of this thing that caused this life long static sound . it can also mimic any voice it stops me from astral projecting be cause it will instantly try to posess or attack me if i do . it is a black faceless nameless figure and also why did this happen as soon i was born am i a target of other worldly forces?

this power comes from some weird figure attacking me

Yes all the time. However now that I’m more used to working with them I notice it less

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I hear a ringing…much like what we call ‘noise pollution’ when I am talking to my incubus or he is around. It happens sometimes. i don’t know why this happens…but it feels irritating.

Base on my experience with my own incubus companion and gnosis I believe has to do with our energetic frequency not being alined fully with theirs yet but I think the more you interact with him it will correct the issue, I’ve notice subtle changes in pitch and tone much like if using a tuning fork to adjust an instrument

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Thanks for the help and suggestion​:+1:t2::+1:t2::blush: I will work on it.

This, right here, is a great point.