Whats your experience with Venus?

Suddenly been getting the urge to work with venus

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Well after understanding i was a child of venus (a lot of venus placement in my chart) i simply start with apologies to her (here i’m talking about the goddess Venus/Aphrodite) she offer me beauty and throught time i’ve ruined it (i was undereating, didn’t took care of myself, dye my hair, cut them, did a lot of mistakes with my appearance in general haha)
So i apologies for all of this, i go back to my natural self and took care of me, everytime i was facing a mirror i thanks her for her gift of beauty. I don’t wanna sound narcissic but uh i became pretty good looking after accepting her gift.

Before interacting with Venus (goddess) entity related to Venus (planet) and i were always drawn to each other. My best exemple would be Lucifer who came to me by himself first to observe and then gave me advice for my practice, help gain more power there is also Zepar who was a nice surprise, he helped me with self confidence and to overcome anxiety…

Idk if you’re talking about the planet or the goddess but both got a big role in my life since a while, if you are taurus or libra you’ll have a big affinity with every venereall being and rituals are gonna be your best ally.

Here is a nice link for the planet correspondences : https://www.renaissanceastrology.com/agrippavenus.html

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