Looking for a Mentor

First off let me tell abit about my back story. I was raised very religiously as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses by my Grandparents who until about 2 months ago I lived with. Needless to say I was very active in the religion often putting in 70 hours a month in the ministry, knocking on peoples doors. Of course being a Christian we were always warned about the Demons and Spirits, and how wicked they are but I was always fascinated with them. I never let this fascination get the better of me, that is, until almost 3 months of ago. I googled to find a list of names of the Demons and came across the Goetia. That very night I read it front to back, I was completely captivated by the information and even more so by the spirit Orobas. Something still seemed off with the threatening of the spirits and the commanding of them. That led me to Google once again were I found forums of people relating their experiences and personal relation ships with the Demons. The ideal of having a close and personal relationship with a spirit prompted me to more and more studying. Within the next 3 days I had read The Complete Book of Demonolatry, Liber Null, and The Psychonauts Field Manual. During this time I realized that I needed change, that I needed to get out of my grandparents house. This posed a problem, I had no place to go. So after a couple spotty evocation attempts I finally started praying to Orobas and King Paimon for something to happen. The next day my oldest brother who I had not seen for the past 9 years shoots me a text saying that im always welcome at his house. Longer story shorter, that weekend I packed up my car with what small items I had secretly and left, leaving behind all my close friends I grew up with, most my family, my crummy part time job, and my girlfriend. That was about two months ago, Since then ive studied a lot of EA’s work, and read abit in this forum. I hadn’t tried another evocation since I had left but because of my money situation and my dire desire to speak with one of these spirits I decided to try again. Out of respect I did not want to evoke a demon in my Brothers house, especially since no one knows of my beliefs. So I found this nice secluded spot out in the woods by a stream. I set up some makeshift ritual area and went to work. As before I could feel no spirits around me, but as I had learned, just because I could not tell that a spirit was there doesn’t mean that there wasent one, so I went on as if King Paimon was there listening. When I got back the thought came into my head of trying to find someone that actually knows what they are doing and has experiences in this area, and to learn from them as a student. So here I am, all im looking for is someone who is willing to teach me a thing or two and guide me. Have a nice night everyone!
That is all.


First go here and say Hello.

Then have a look over these.

We are all mentors and students here, just ask a question and you well get an answer…Just like magick. :wink:
And welcome.


Beautiful story!

And just like @charles9 says,
If you have any questions just ask
I’ve learnt so much since I’ve been a member of the forum, also try the search function :slight_smile:


This really is probably the best forum on the internet that is dedicated to the subject of the occult.


^ That’s so cool, you’re resourceful and committed, looks like you’ll fit right in here! :smiley:


Welcome home friend! If you have questions, I’d be happy to help. Make sure to introduce yourself and enjoy your stay!!


…in what area?

Sorcery is incredibly diverse.

Determine your very end goal, what you want out of this if you devote the remainder of your natural life to the work. If you don’t have one, make it.

Without focus, a sorcerer is nothing more than a dabbler. You can hop between systems forever, as some are prone to doing, or you can do whatever gets you to your goal.

Those are the options for your advancement, with little variance.

Nonetheless, it is a choice you must make.


Im devoted to find out and attain what what lies beyond this physical world and to do what discover our true potential.

That isn’t an ending. That’s a beginning.

What do you want to become?


I want to become something that has truly reached its potential.

What would that something be doing, being, having?

That still, is a beginning.

Imagine yourself at your spiritual peak.

Which road do you go down?

See, with devoted practice, one can get to their peak relatively easily. It is the expansion and growth of their potential that separates gods from men.

In other words, to be at your peak is just the start of your road.


After my ascent I want to help others achieve what I have.

I’d be overjoyed to act as your mentor. The first thing that I need is your money and lots of it. For that I’ll send you a printed and signed certificate with a gold border of your Magickal Grade. When starting off everyone is instantly a High Priest or High Priestess. That’s just how it is. (I’m still looking for a Low Priestess because I figure that a Low Priestess would be a lot more fun than a High Priestess, but Satanic Low Priests and Priestesses are as rare as rocking horse shit.)

My next requirement is more of your money and a 15 word essay explaining how it was possible to believe in a God who sent himself, to sacrifice himself to himself, in order to save humanity from himself. (You can’t say Xtianity isn’t God-centred!) After I’ve read and marked your essay I need you to get at least 25 other people to become my disciples so I can establish a left hand path pyramid scheme. You’ll be second in line for a (small) cut of all the money that they send to me through you.

Seriously, our path is a solitary one. Most of the members of this forum are the real deal and there’s lots of useful information here that you can’t find anywhere else – I know. I’ve tried. You appear to be dedicated so here’s my advice:

  1. Get yourself a Magickal Diary/Journal. Those cheap, hard-cover, page lined books from China work just great.

  2. Get your Magickal weapons and consecrate these. An easy way is to sleep with them under your pillow so they pick up on your vibrations. I’d start with a knife (no synthetic materials like plastic) and then make yourself a wand (with a length from the middle of your palm to your elbow) from a straight piece of wood you find in the woods near where you live. You can find The 4 Laws of The Sphinx under the heading Random Notes on this forum.

  3. Because you definitely need to get rid of all the mumbo jumbo of the repression you’ve been subjected to you’ll need to put a zap on your head. This is extremely important. The Dark Bible maybe a good place to start:
    After a while you’ll realise that 2000 years of numb-nuts Jesus should be enough for any healthy stomach! Can you imagine spending eternity trapped in heaven with the grand old psychopath and his creepy son, together with all the types that are supposed to get there?

  4. Get yourself into divination. Checkout on line which tarot card designs take your fancy and/or get hold of Understanding The I Ching by Tom Riseman.

That’s enough for starters. O! and welcome.