Succubus questions

Hey guys! I’m new to this forum so my apologies if this is in the wrong section, though I think it is.

I’m new this whole thing of spirits and magick and what not. I’ve always been interested in succubi reading about them in folklore. It wasn’t until recently about last week that I decided to try and summon one after reading many peoples experiences on this forum and other sites.
I’ve been reading about the “letter of intent” ritual and is what I plan to do either tomorrow or this weekend. I’ve been reading trying to get as much info as I can before I do but I thought I’d make an account and asks questions on here before I actually go ahead and do it.

1)About the letter method, I’ve read people can use blood and semen for this, is this necessary? I was kind of hesitant to do that because I’m new at this kind of stuff and don’t want to do something I might regret doing later.

2)Probably 99.9% of all the experiences I’ve read online say they all call to Lilith. Is there any difference calling between any of the four queens?

3)When making your letter of intent, does it have to be done during the ritual? Or can I write it out in time for when I do it?

4)Is the ritual necessary at 3am?

5)Is it safe to do the ritual with others around? (I don’t live alone)

6)Once you burn the letter what exactly do you do? Do you keep the candle burning still while waiting? Clothes on or off?

7)If I do make contact what do I do then? How do I know when to stop?

After reading many stuff about succubi on this forum a couldn’t wait to hear from you guys and hopefully can answer my questions. Hopefully @succupedia can help me out lol. He seems like a cool dude. Thanks guys!

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All your questions are answered in the actual Letter of Intent thread.

1: No
2: Yes.
3: No, it can be written before commencing the ritual.
4: No, but 3 am is when the psychic interference is lowest.
5: Yes,
6: You wait for the attentions of the succubus. Keep the candle burning, and yes, you can be clothed.
7: Let the contact go as long as you want, and tell it to stop if you want it to.

  1. I didn’t use blood or anything.

  2. Not sure what the differences would be but as they are all different in their own way I imagine there would be a difference to some degree. I personally called Lilith, others have approached the other queens with success.

  3. I wrote mine a few hours ahead of time.

  4. No, I did it at 1am and felt her immediately upon laying down and closing the ritual.

  5. Yes

  6. I left it burning and meditated for about 30 minutes then went to bed. Clothing doesn’t matter, whatever your preference is.

  7. That should be thought out in your letter. They are very emotional beings so it’s important to pay attention to them if you want the relationship to grow.


Thanks for the quick reply!
What exactly would be different between each queen?

They are different, individual, beings. That’s like asking what’s the difference between two people.


Thanks for the reply! For 7 I meant what to do in that exact moment in time as contact is happening.

so I can write the same exact thing to any of them and the outcome could be different?

Lilith is the Goddess specific for succubi, but her sisters can provide their own type of spirits.

All this information can be found by searching the forum using the search function in the upper right corner, and doing your own homework.@succupedia has answered these questions already elsewhere.

The Letter of Intent ritual is specific to Lilith to obtain a succubus companion. It should not be used to call upon anyone else, though the methodology itself can be adapted.

And please don’t forget to introduce yourself. It is a rule for this forum.


I thanked her and acknowledged her presence then just spoke to her for a bit to build a bond. I frequently for her touches, I’ve only heard her audibly speak once while in a lucid state. It can take a bit to form a bond, I’m still working on it myself.

Sorry i have question too!
Succubus is one of demon race right?
Succubus is not single entity right?
So my conslusion is succubus is demon race name not single entity! So each succubus have a special names! Am i wrong?

In some folklore succubus is a daughters of lilith!

No, it’s not necessary. Whether you use it or not doesn’t make you to come to a conclusion of regret. Regret can come despite of you using your semen or blood. It’s just a method that some magicians believe to be more personal than not using body fluids at all. But…you’re leaving traces of your DNA just by writing the letter, because your hands leave traces by the oil of your skin from your hand. Add your particular style of writing, which also makes it just as viable on a personal level. You don’t need blood or semen to do this.

No, you can use the letter method for Namaah, Agrat Bat Mahlat or Eisheth Zenunim. You just have to change the letter with their names, instead of Lilith’s. The outcome might be a lot different, because they might have a different worldview and personalities than Lilith, and they might even raise their children differently. A formal evocation of Lilith’s three sisters would be advised, or at least do proper research of them if you decide to use them instead of Lilith.

No, it’s not necessary. You can do this any time of the day.

The psychic interferance can be the “lowest” at any time of the day, as I see it. It’s all about perceptions and the abilities of our astral senses, my friend.

Yeah, but if I were you, I would find some privacy doing this. What would you do if someone sees you burning the letter?

After burning the letter, you keep the candle burning for at least 30 minutes, while lying on bed with your eyes closed. You don’t have to be naked doing this.

Acknowledge her presence and let her know that you know she’s with you. Acknowledge is what makes everyone exist for others in the world, and the same applies to our spirits.


I would say it’s a common name to describe their attributes and main currents, rather than their ethnicity. So, it’s not a name of a particular spirit or entity, but a mere description of their expert field, which is love and sex.

This shouldn’t be of importance anyway, because what’s really important is their individual personalities and who they are, not what they are. You don’t chose to be with someone because of their origins, but because of who they are as an individual, right? All though heritage is important to know about their history, which shouldn’t be neglected to understand traditions and family values, but that is something you will learn along the journey with your succubus.


Thanks for the reply! Actually, I did the ritual last night and I believe I’ve made contact. I made a post about it this morning


Ok thx