Confused experience with Lucifer

Hi, my name is Dayle, South Africa. I just need a little clarity on a few things. Long story short, since an early age I have had sporadic experiences and weird dreams of burning angels and face changing. I come from a background of Christian beliefs but always felt empty. For sometime I’ve felt my spiritual path being drawn to the LHP and recently called upon Lord Lucifer. See, I’m not in the best of positions financially and really needed help as well as a desire to build a relationship with Lucifer. The first time I called upon him, I asked for him to contact me in my dreams whilst listening to his Enn. Had a weird dream that night. The past few days I have been listening to his Enn, visualising his sigil and calling upon him but nothing. Yesterday morning I listened to his Enn, asked that he helps/ guides me and yesterday, financially it was a better day. I could feel something and spoke to him most of the day. I felt little heavy, slightly nauseas yet good in some. Every time I listen to his Enn, I feel a slight throbbing between my eyes. Last night I called upon him again, visualised his sigil and listened to his Enn, whilst talking to him. The same this morning but I don’t seem to get much. I desire to walk with Lucifer in my life, have him as a ‘father’, a guide and protector, to please him and have him help me with my situation. Anyone had these experiences and any insight as to if Lucifer is making his presence known? I want to form a pact and dedicate my life to him but perhaps I’m going about it the wrong way? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hey Dayle! Nice to meet you. My name is Lena :slight_smile: I saw your post and you are doing everything correctly. That little pain in your forehead is a good sign of your third eye awakening. Now, Lucifer is giving you signs, it just seems you’re not reading them correctly? He did come to you, and has listened to you. Continue this meditation and be open in your life for any sign! It could be in any form! He is trying to speak to you, just keep your mind open and your head up


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Thankyou for the insight and advice. It wouldn’t be a nuisance for Lucifer if I listen to his Enn 3 times a day would it? I will continue as I am doing. Just want everything to be done correctly in a manner that pleases him. Any advice on offerings I may make?

Well, before you’re able to hear/feel/see Lucifer, you first need to open your astral senses. I say this to all new members. Lucifer is known to be listening to calls and prayers and even giving signs that he’s there. But you also need to grow, before you and him get closer. One step at a time, you’ll get there though, you just need to work towards it.


Thank you for your insight and advice. I find that if I call upon his name and visualise his sigil, I get a slight headache as well as the throbbing sensation between my eyes. Headache is normal or is that just me?

I think the headache is very normal, I sometimes I get it when a large presence that I’m not accustomed to enters a room suddenly or when it’s making a connection. It tend to go away after a moment or so. It’s a bit different for everyone, but it could also be a sign that you may be straining yourself.

Probably your third eye I guess.

Was it physical or projection to another plane? Because working on your clairs help ease through most communication with entities. It’s usually not advised to work on your “astral” senses unless you’re within the astral since if the entity comes here to you your clairs will be worked out here to comprehend their presence not in the astral or etheric or whatever other plane you’re not in.


In all honesty, it seems u are moving quite well. The slight nausea is a good sign , since that is an indicator he is in your presence. Happens during mild possession as sell. Work with the sigils of Lucifer, maybe carry them around with you.

You want to redraw these sigils as accurately as u can. Trace over what u draw in ink. Then smear your blood and sexual fluids all over it. Personally, when i carry around sigils, I laminate them using clear packing tape. This way moisture won’t damage the sigils. I always use this guy’s page because its an excellent place to go and he knows quite alot. His hymms, chants work well.

Conjuration of Lucifer is found here

I would recommend writing any conjurations, chants, and rituals you find to Lucifer. When u re-write them for some reason, you establish a deeper bond with it. Ask for him to show you who he is. He has a male and female side, and as u develop your abilities , u may encounter both.

The male appeared to me as a young man, very close cut hair, and a light tan complexion…with 2 other horned beings behind him, one to his left and one two his right who were shrouded in shadow. His eyes burn like embers and u never forget his gaze after seeing it. This is how he appears after u make a PACT. In my case I made a soul pact with him, in that I offered it up to him. His specialty is knowledge, and u will gain more and more experiences that reveal to u information, knowledge and insights of things u wouldn’t have known otherwise. This form was projected while my body went into paralysis the first time, which went away after our transaction ended.

During rituals after completing the enn, conjuration, and evocations, anything u ask him to resolve will be taken care of right away. Ritual structure ( doing it in a circle with an opening of calling the quarters, etc is recommeneded for this. (Some magickians look down on this, but he created me from the ground up, I was always his)

There is a form resembling the face of a boy. This form I often get in dreams. His skin is white and is always covered in deep black shadows…The area around him is black or very dark and appears in dreams as though it were ur room in darkness. This form I have seen often.

There is a form of a very young woman. She has short wavy, straight hair, and seems illuminated in a green light. You will be able to tell she’s Lucifer by the feeling. She just appears when u are awake, and can be asked to possess a part of ur body for confirmation…(like ur left arm) …once the limb goes numb and moves on it’s own,u know she is not a figment of your imagination. I encountered her twice, and this occured when calling unto Lucifer and holding a conversation with him.

There be a form of a horned demon, and this being appears as solid as anything u see before u…Huge muscled with a grin, and seems to have the sort of goat like hoofed legs one associates with traditional drawings of devils, but he’s huge, muscled, and do not let yourself feel terror. He won’t harm you. He I think is a subordinate to Lucifer because I have only seen him once, and my impression was that he was Lucifuge Rofocale based on what was learned later on. I encountered him for 2 days continuously after the soul pact I made with Lucifer. The second day wings were ripped off of my back, …which rationally makes no sense…i know, but it felt as if something grabbed something portuding from my back, and ripped them off…The pain around the shoulder blades in the back was excruciating, and went away after about an hour…This was in a state between waking and sleep and seemed like sleep paralysis…but there was no falling into sleep after the episode.

The third day was a large devil standing in my room. I was well awake, and got up to stare at the image. He girinned, and receded into the shadows…

Prayer to Lucifer is also recommended, unlike the Christian god, u dont close them with “Amen”, but just leave contact open. In rituals he usually appears as a flash of light, accompanied by a warm to hot sensation under my skin…you will start to say things or think of them in ways u ordinarily wouldn’t , and that’s good because it shows he is present within u. You’ll know do to the sophistication of his thoughts, and DIRECTNESS of his observation…As an entity to work with and a very awesome god, he is the most direct you may come across.

If u can surround urself in your room with any sigils, etc related to him. He is not the Judeo Christian devil per say…thats a misconception based off of a botched translation when they were creating the King James Version…He is however infernal and celestial, and reigns over all offices in hell.

I recommend when u advance moving into the Qlippoth, this helps immensely and strengthens any evocations of him.


Yes yes yes 1000%. For me he’s come in my dreams the same way. I have yet to see him face to face as I’m not ready, I got too scared as a kid. He chose me and has been with me for a very long time. Usually when he comes to me I will feel him watching, I usually will feel tingles spread over my entire body and this warmth that accompanies it.
Offerings I found he likes: red wine, rock and roll music, art, he enjoys the things you like. If you find something that you think would be great as an offering do it. I found an old drawing of mine and it reminded me of him. I placed it on the alter and he came to me.
Everyone’s connection is different with him.

But listening to his meditation daily will not do any harm. But you seem like you need to open yourself up more and accept it. I wouldn’t work on your astral senses per day but focus more on intuition on your meditations. What can you hear,smell, feel. Focus on the feelings and emotions around you. Your intuition and gut feeling is usually accurate, hence why you get a little nauseous when he’s around :slight_smile:
Keep at it, and this will be successful


Olenaaa that tingling feeling you speak of, I have had that a few times the past 2 days. It actually causes goosebumps on my skin. I haven’t worked on my astral senses yet. I’ve just been asking Lucifer for guidance in opening my eyes, guiding me in my new walk with him and thanking him for the small good fortunes the past 2 days. I’ve tried to be open as much as I can. I guess it comes with time and spending more time with him and speaking to him as a son would to a father. Thankyou for your input. It really helps in forming the foundations of my relationship with him.

JamoR72 thankyou so much for the insight and info. Your experiences are something to behold. I will definitely use the info and take the steps and advice you have outlined and update on my progress.

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Mostly physical. I haven’t worked on astral senses yet as I feel just praying, calling on Lucifer’s name and speaking to him as a son would to a father is building the foundations of our relationship.

Yes, mine go away after 3 minutes or so. I get tingly sensation when the headache subsides.

Those tingly feelings are a good thing! Embrace it. Exactly a relationship takes time and does not happen on the spot. It’s taken me a long time to figure out he was reaching out to me… but since embracing him in my life he has begun to show me more signs.

I was afraid as a kid when he pulled my blankets off, and now he gave me a dream before he did it again so I wouldn’t be scared this time.

Continue your meditations and continue to open yourself to him. Talk to him as if he is there with you and he will always listen.
And always thank him even if it is something small

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Hi there, welcome! That’s your third eye, and even when you can’t sense him, he’s there believe me. As you progress with Lucifer, and I can tell you this probably won’t happen right away, he will make his presence known to you, his energy us amazingly powerful, and I had to ease into it too. I just finished an invocation with him recently, and i can still feel that energy, it’s like wow! Not icky or frightening, just empowering is the best word I can use. Be patient!:scream: