Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps

Can someone scan me? Best for accompanying spirits.

I see a pale blue aura.
I see a tall man with black wings with a silver outline. He has short black hair. He is smiling and seems to be friendly enough.

Sorry but that’s all i got… I have been busy today and i did something that i hope will help heal me physically… It should… I just don’t want an infection.

Hi, I’d appreciate a scan when anyone has the time. Thank you!

Hi alphalpha, I invite you first to introduce yourself here: Introduce Yourself To Members Of The Forum

Can anyone scan me? Got some weird stuff happening


Before asking members to scan you, maybe you should introduce yourself first before anything else. We don’t know you.

i swear to god i’ve seen that image 5 times today

OT: can someone read me again and PM me on how to read ppl? :thinking:

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At least 5.

You don’t need a PM on sensing. @Micah was kind enough to do a thread about it.

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didnt find that thread before. thank you dawg!

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I am feeling a reading right now… Anyone want to scan/sense/feel/etceteraaa me?

I experienced something new and profoundly Powerful today.

Hey, u mentioned ud try to summon Lilith last night. How did that go?

Hey? Are u by any chance working with a male demon for protection against a woman demon? I saw an image of a male demon preventing a lady demon dressed in a white dress from reaching u. This lady in a white dress from afar seemed to have been a young girl, but as she got closer to u, she also became bigger. Plz tell me if this makes any sense to u.

I’m trying to think of what it could mean, but it’s not clear enough for me to pinpoint anything/anyone…

I wish I knew.

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Could u plz read me too?

@Micah can I plz get a read from u?

Can someone trade with me?

Oh beautifully. It’s all well. Lol some of her ladies aren’t smiling at me. But it’s all goes well.

What do u mean they aren’t smiling at u? Do u by any chance know which Lilith u made contact with?

Lilith is one. But her servants or daughters are countless.

So they may add her name to theirs, which made it look like Lilith is many. But one is the Queen Goddess.

@luxfero, Okay let me clarify my question. I meant which aspect of Lilith did u make contact with?