Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps

I am trying to scan you but all around you is really blurry… Something is not letting me info about you… Dark energy that is protecting you and is telling me that you are working on make strong your path… The time for scan you is not today… I’ll try tomorrow again… Sorry.

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Who’s online for a scan swapping?

Was tht for him or me.

Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps You…

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Hi! I’m a new user, can I get a scan, please?

Hey someone else is going to tell you but you have to go write a introduction before being able to post. But I’ll read ya

Done that already.

Oh okay nvm then

I get the feeling your fairly new to magick and the left hand path. I get a feeling of deep curiosity right now. Someone who just wants to be a student to the craft. I also get the feeling your looking to belevie in something. Borderline atheist. Things in your life right now are becoming very unpleasant. Losing joy in things you ounced loved.

Does this resonate?

Oh not for me, seriously. I’m not new nor interested in any path particularly, I do whatever caught my attention. I’m not an atheist. Oh I’m sorry, none resonate.

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No worries, thank you for the read brother

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Anyone read me.ill swap

Gotcha on another read when I get some time, curious to check out that Kalfu vibe, haven’t felt anything like it. Am I still shielded?

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Right man. Like it was wild, and all day I was feeling like crap right until that point he entered me and I started feeling all this enegry. And the shield thing he meant for me but tagged you. Unless your talking about something else.

Hello how is everyone doing on this lovely day ?


Is anyone up for a trade? :slight_smile:

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Anyone scanning me guys?

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Yes @Everblue i would love to trade.
Just did something with my godself…

I see you with large white wings that are a mix of faerie and angelic wings. You wear a white dress. You are hovering in the air. Bare feet. Long white hair that looks very youthful. You look very beautiful. A white aura radiates from you.
You seem very angelic or at least full of light from what i can tell.

Anyone up for a trade.

I owe @DormiensDei still, but I’ll be down to swap in a few

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