Honing our chaos magick skills

I love making chaos sigils. I’m getting to the point where it is my go-to unless an issue really requires a specific, different approach or employment of spirits. But there is always room for improvement in my practice, and there are a few areas I do need to get stronger in. I have been racking up ideas for experiments to do exactly that, so I would like to form a group dedicated to testing and perfecting our techniques in a way that keeps things fun.

So this would be focused on chaos magick only. No major undertakings or missions, no political anything, and no pressure to produce a result. This group would be about honing our chaos magick, testing and sharing new ideas and techniques, and having a laugh.

If anyone is interested, comment below and we can get something going. I have some ideas to kick off with but I am going to save my typing until there is interest expressed.


So far I am glad I saved myself some time by not typing further. If I had said “magick to get laid” or “money magick group for your broke asses” this thread would be filled by now, lol.


I am interested in sigils and experiments in chaos magic all together


Hi there! Welcome to the forum! Please take a moment to click the link below:


It’s already done earlier mate even before you posted :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yep. it was posted one minute before mine :slight_smile: Thank you, and welcome!

So you interested in this thread with experimentation and sigils? :slight_smile:

Sweet! I’m giving it another 24 hours, then I will start the actual group. It looks like 3 of us so far. Chaos magickians unite! (irony, lol)

what about you, @DarkestKnight? Wanna get weird? :wink:

If I didn’t have so much going on already I would join

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Well if things go well for us and things open up for you, feel free to hop in. I’m hoping to make this an ongoing thing, and it is intentionally low key and (hopefully) not stressful.

Alright, I’ll stick around I just might be slow to response for a day or so

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Count me in. I’m new to sigil magick, but I like the opportunity to pick up a new skill.

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Sweet. I am giving it until tomorrow morning for late comers before I throw the group together. Keep an eye open in your inbox.

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Count me in.

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Possibly. I have some other stuff on the go right now, including some shadow work, so as long as it doesn’t interfere, I might join.

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I want in ^^

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Being an earth sign I have an interest in chaos although can’t say I’ve truly studied that as a path nor practice. At this point I’m just starting out learning about it right here! Hope that is okay? Reason I think earth and chaos go together is the whacky idea I have that chaos dragons are of the earth. Nuff said. :dragon:

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I want in, too.

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