Chenor - The wish granter

Hello… Did anyone ever try to evoke Chenor - the wish granter… Anyone know about this Demon ?



Where published? :slight_smile:

I found it on this list of sigils


Oldest mention I can find is from 2013 on 4chan’s /x/(paranormal) board.
Otherwise there’s a couple Tumblr pages.
Also, an offshoot of D&D called craftsmen and chimeras has Chenor listed as an old god.
The image posted in this thread of the list of names/sigils are actually the same as listed in this game.

In summation, fake.
Though I do appreciate something making me do some research for once.


I think a lot of pop culture characters are loosely based on goetia demons and other spirits, more so than you might realize at first glance. I’m thinking about doing a whole essay/book about it.
Also google etc isn’t really the best way to find that kind of information. The top sites are often just a rehash of the stuff everyone who spent five minutes on it already knows from a very basic search copy-pasted from the old Crowley-Mathers lesser key, with the old illustrations from the Dictionaire Infernal. So, I mean recently, things have gotten a bit better, but you still have to really dig to find good information.


I promise, promise that I know how to research.
But feel free to disregard common logic and play along with the LARP.


Hmmm :face_with_monocle: @Painon you really might be right but this has me thinking otherwise :joy:

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Yes,this incredible source from 5 months ago.
When dealing with these types of things you need to look hard and find old references.
Otherwise, LARP.

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Hm, by the name I first thought it was an angel or some kind of celestial force, but after reading some stuff about the entity they’re either a really elusive demonic force or just an egregore… still the “granting the wish in a way you might regret it” feels more on the demonic side, that’s why people usually say to be careful about how you spell out your desire.

The sigil feels kinda constructed though and there’s not that much info :thinking:

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@Lady_Eva This thread seems to be confusing newbies. Should we do anything?


I think it falls into the category of threads which seem to offer the Hollywood magick of instant wishes being granted without effort (etc).

I am going to pare the thread down and close it, but not Unlist it, maybe someone will be willing and able to work with this, regardless of origins.

Good catch! :+1: