New GOM book release on Enochian magick by damon brand

Apparently, I’ve been directed to start the Enochian workings so I guess I know what I will be doing for the next 6 months lol


Thanks @shinri great feedback. I remember reading somewhere about you working with the Wealth Magick book so that’s why I asked and I thought you started the Enochian pathworking as well after you posted your intense experience. I think I’ll evaluate again after I’ve gone further into Wealth Magick. I’m also focussed on creating changes in lifestyle and clearing things to make room for success.

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I will look forward to reading your results and impressions should you post them :smiley:

If you read the book, it suggests to do it all - as a master ritual - rather than bits and pieces. There are 3 sections with multiple rituals within each section. I am finishing the first ritual (7 days total), with several more in the first section. [Here I must disclose that due to cvd-19, I have only had contact with one individual in several weeks. It is possible that a decrease in human contact may allow for easier communication with entities.]
With all magic, you must put in effort. I have chosen to write a page a day. Normally spontaneous, it contains nothing significant - it’s a warm up. In short, my efforts to write have extended into possible books and written works.
This first ritual has to do with perception. I have begun to see how this free time can lead to us all creating in our own manners. Writing, painting, contemplating, ect. In short, if we take it as a job to know ourselves - we are planting seeds and building steps. Things spiritually evolve, and ‘All is One’. If we combine these two ideas one may reach the following conclusion.
We are all connected and evolving spiritually. Humanity at a broad perspective, can be summarized as Adam Kadmon.
This first ritual causes the Operator to Awaken, the current ‘spawn point’ seems to be : awakening as a cell upon the face of Adam Kadmon. Fully cell/self, and fully (having uncovered the) Adam Kadmon within.

Edit : Given the taboo and ‘you will go crazy’ nature of Enochian magic, check me and let me know. If I sound crazy or delirious, I will meditate on it. Thanks yall.


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Hey guys I just performed my first ritual and it was intense so to speak, I had a heavy feeling in my solar plexus (power projection center) and I felt incredibly happy afterwards and gain some insights on where to introspect. I just wonder if it would be more effective to vibrate the words instead of saying them; what do you guys think?

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lol. i thought i directed you to the enochian magick as i posted about it’s first day book release. =o) j/k

Yo broo…enochian is of demons… No lie…

Sorry, but my experience proves that to be very much incorrect. I can tell the difference between angels and demons.

Also, why does it matter? This is a black magick forum after all, where everyone and their dog is fucking demons and calling upon them for everything from money, to love to the petty cursing of the girl down the street because they are jealous.


You’re right… Did my quick research on it

Well it is partially true. In this System the reversed names of the angels reveal the cacodemons what are a kind of nature spirits close to material life and who work gladly under Ahriman’s :heart: dark leadership.

I prefer not dig deeper into this… I have Very repulsive aura against… Christian" beings of light "

some say it’s angels language, some say it’s demons language. It’s all the same. magick is magick. As long as we get the results, we are all good. That’s the purpose to better our lives. @Trishul66 why the discrimination and limitation cuz it’s different origin? :man_shrugging: It’s like saying… I won’t sell to a black man cuz he’s black but i will sell to a white man. They both give you profits. Same end goal of money.

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That’s a cheap mindset… Ever heard the term… “Resonance”?

Again… 7 hermetic principles…law of correspondence…
Look into that…
My spirit MUST be aligned with what it vibes with

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perfectly logical mindset that gets things done. =o) i’m not picky about the road that gets to the destination. i’m flexible enough to adapt to whatever vibration. i don’t limit myself to not adapt. i don’t sacrifice people. that’s not needed no more. all that is needed is gratitude for the results.

what probably stop me from working with magick is if it require tons of time collecting ingredients and long set up time rather then the origin. i prefer practical and simple process of which many GOM book does provide.

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I won’t go sacrificing pok just cuz I get results


Good for you