Experiences Evoking Marbas

I am planning on setting aside some time to make proper attempts at my first evocation, which will be with Marbas. As such, it would be great to hear about others’ experiences with him. Anybody have experiences to share?


When I had my first full encounter with Marbas, Lilith came through first and told me to dress nice as if I was going somewhere (I was in pjs, hadnt showered, and smeared makeup from the day before. Dont judge.) But after I got ready and made myself look presentable, he showed up.
I thought that was really weird, but whatever. It’s never happened with any other being.
From then on I only ever called on him when I was presentable enough, which was only 2 other times. I guess if I wouldn’t go meet a human president looking a certain way, I wouldnt or shouldn’t go presenting myself that way to Marbas.
I called on him because I was having really bad migraines at the time. They were almost debilitating while they would last. But after calling on him maybe 3 times, I barely had them anymore. In fact I cant remember the last time I had one since.
He was very kind and seemed light hearted tbh.


Good for you! I hope you continue to feel better.


Thank you @cyberseeker :blush:
That was actually months ago. He did really well. I haven’t had any migraines in months.


This is interesting - I wouldn’t have guessed a demon would care about attire, but I suppose that it makes sense! Do you think business casual is okay? I have a heavier black short sleeved shirt with a subtle embossed pattern and some dark gray subtly striped pants that I could wear. It’s the same as what I would probably wear to a committee meeting.

Not to worry; I’ve made attempts in everything from full clothing to full nudity. No judging happening here!

Did he speak directly to you? I’d be interested to hear about what his voice sounds like and what he specifically said, if you don’t mind sharing.

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It’s funny because I’ve actually had one being request I do some practices involving them in the nude, while they didn’t care about others. I noticed that it did affect energy manipulation in a way, though I dont know the mechanics of that.

I think business attire should be fine as well. I’m sure he would appreciate that. It’s more than what I did :sweat_smile: I just dressed as if I was going to the movies or something. Nice blouse, makeup, etc.

He spoke directly to me… but it’s not like a physically audible voice. It’s more like telepathy mixed with his energy and feeling of intention.

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Interesting; if I may ask, which being was this?

Sounds good, then that’s what I’ll do.

Of course, that makes sense. It was a telepathic voice undeniably separate from your mind, though, correct?

Also, anybody else have experiences with Marbas to share? I want to get a well-rounded perspective.


And correct :slightly_smiling_face:


My first experience was lovely. I had my eyes closed and it felt like squishy jelly electricity all over my hands and fingers . Then he appeared as a white lion and rested his face against mine. My hands were actually in his mane. He is amazing .


Wow! What a beautiful experience!!


Hey I’m a newbie to summoning demons. I’m planing to summon Marbas. I’ve been looking at ways to summon him but I’m unsure of how to do it. Can someone explain to me what is needed to summon him. Thanks

My encounter with Marbas occured in a deep trance state bordering sleep. I used his sigil, lots of blood, called his name until i was in a trance and began to drift off. The face of a lion appears in a dark grey light. His face peering directly into mine, he draped in shadows in a space that seemed a deep grey with much activity…hard to describe accurately but i always get this space with infernal entities.

First I wanted to remember things i couldn’t to pass the entrance exam for college in such a way that i needed not to take remedial classes.

Second intent was to heal an acute upper respiratory infection . That was gone upon waking .

I am shown a sigil, i do not know the sigil and he does show hidden things. I would later learn that sigil was for me and reintroduced with my true name.

My intent was to pass a college exam. Had completely forgotten math from high school. I am taking the exam and “bam” , everything from math, especially trigonometry came back to me (trig woulda killed me)…I am a slacker, never reallt study unless its day of the test. I didn’t study, and he delivered, because on my own, I would not have remembered any of it. I am not gifted in mathematical prowess.

I would see him again later, without summoning him intentionally. He showed me something…i still can’t interpret…I feel compelled to revisit him now.

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Ok thanks. Is blood required to summon him, or just helps with the summoning? Also should I use a candle for the summoning. Thanks.

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He sounds like a sweetheart

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