EA Need help?

hey EA i really need ur urgent help plz help me
If you are reading this plz reply…


Teratsuji what???

Help with what?


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i want help with pact making With Lord Lucifer

You do know that is something that can easily be done yourself. Also if you use the search function on her I know you can more then likly find a how to.


Yeah this forum is awesome because you have a lot of people who can give advice and then you should do it yourself. You are a god so use your power. :slight_smile:


To be honest I am no master mage I’m a noon, so I am starting with the basics and finding my own power before going to the gods. Something that took a bit to figure out. :slight_smile: but no shame in it.

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Okay can we be on-topic here , not everyone who finds this forum can produce erudite messages, lovingly crafted in English.

@Devil if you want to hire E.A. you can do so, this is the link:

If you can’t run to hiring him right now, I suggest you spend time on his YouTube channel watching videos and also do some searches on here.

Also, please make a post describing what you need the pact for - we may be able to help. :+1:

But first, please post an intro in this thread.

It’s one of the forum’s rules, but you probably didn’t see it because people often miss things like that. :smile_cat: