It is time to bring magic and reverence for the old ways back to this world

Greetings my name is John Ardolino for the better part of my life I have been researching magic and have come to the realization that magic is the ability for us to use all that was already given us. The scriptures say we were made in gods image. To me that means that we to those of the kings prince’s and all the higherarkie of demons along with the angels and spirits should we choose to believe ourselves in control of them can and will. I have never had a straight view on religion although I was raised to be a devoted catholic. I looked deeper I read beyond the bindings of the words of men and realized that all believes are truly one and to go further that we are the anchors for the anchients to this world. Azazel told you that as much that you wish to be a part of this world you have no true understanding of how much his world wants to be a part of ours. Hence their willingness to answer our calling to grant our desires by doing so ever briefly they are once again a part of this plain. I’m sorry if I am rambling. I wish to learn from you all that I can. This world has fallen to ruin and I seek the anchients knowledge to teach me how to mold it and change it to what it has the potential to be. I believe that when they lost their “” contract on this plain that was a beginning of an end let all the gods light dark and spirits roam this pin again in hopes that. Reverence for that of which has been forgotten at the hands of technology and the minds of spoiled children can be once again restored.

i’m not sure what the point of this post is. Is this your introduction?

The point of this post brother is that I wish to learn all that EA has that I may even further come to an understanding of what we are and what we are capable of. When this has been accomplished my wish and want is to use that knowledge to remold this plain to a former glory. One that the gods old new spirits what ever have you were revered and paid homage. When people believe in something greater then themselves the do better. I will give you this example I am a catholic. For most of this religions followers that means I do well and be kind and follow the rules beset before me I will enter heaven. We both know that it is so much more then that. Lift a stone and you will find me split a peace of wood and I am there these words are not speaking of the almighty on any level they are speaking of us. Change reality and you will find peace.

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Ok… lesson 1: Get off your knees.

They don’t want prayer and homage, they want us to remember our power, that we’re one of them, look them in the eye, shake hands and co-create like the gods we all are. Being human is really hard, you don’t get to even try unless you’re that good to start with. Couple that with a body - the spiritual equivalent of a personal power station, and is it any wonder there’s a veil to keep us from accidentally destroying it? A human is one of the most powerful beings in the universe, imo. It’s a birthright religion persuades people to just give away, and in return you get to grovel in fear. Stop that and stand up.

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I was in no way disregarding that aspect. In fact I embrace it and commend your for your zero in regards to it. Understand my meaning and perhaps I should be more clear in my statements I was as I am apparently this evening drunk so sorry. So let me elaborate there was a time that there were those who summoned attained and grew magically. It was a long time ago and the reality of reality is that all things are believed into existence it is our own minds that control the outcome. That being said in the time I speak of the fear reverence and knowledge of the anchients gave them power gave them the ability to enter this world more often then there were those like us who give them way to our world through the gateways we creat for them in ourselves. As Azazel has said we think of the power we can attain and all the knowledge of there world beyond the vail we forget that they want to be here as much as we wish to be there. So I Tate again I long for those times when knowledge and reverence for the old ones was among us