People that left Christianity or another religion, was guilt a factor?

Technically speaking, every religion was started by someone who left some other religion. It can be rough, because most people who would bother to leave a religion are spiritually sensitive types. Otherwise they would just stick to whatever their social circle expects. Every religion was started by someone who went against the grain of their culture. So if you leave your religion, you have that in common with whoever started your religion. Don’t sweat it.


We have to remember to judge a religion by its founder not its followers, all religions followers are imperfect people.

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Part of it is guilt for me, but also extremely low energy level, and that I zone-out at church.
I am basically still a Mormon, since 30 OCT 1971, but having low energy did it to me.

For those that have had trouble with the Mormon Church but still have family in it, here is the forums for it: >

I still have times when I do a strong prayer while holding scriptures in hand, and through divination, I have had immediate answers. I feel that Book with prayer, more powerful than a church. Because they want you to conform to their rules and tradition.

Having seen Jesus while astral traveling does keep me in the know. That he does exist. - June 1985.
Currently on the LEFT HAND PATH.

Some don’t realize that we will never be perfect until the 2nd coming. There are lessons to be learned from exercise. Look at the mess religion is from people doing their own thing. Remember Jesus singing Psalm 22.

Ok :ok_hand:t5:

I left Christianity back in 2005 because they were pushing creationism pseudoscience at the time. I may rejoin it under a Catholic sect such as Episcopal instead of my original Protestant one because I want to be in a cult so I can use that as a framework to push back against Rugged Individual atomization that has been working against me over the past 10 years to drive me in student load debt and pushing me into abusive jobs over and over again.

It was just forced upon me, and I was never really interested in the religion although the music was sometimes dope,

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I was born and raised a Christian but later I got serious and became a hard-core prayer warrior that prayed against demons and evil. I examined my life in 2019 and saw no answers to prayers and my own personal world in disarray. I thought he said, “Ask and ye shall receive”. I didn’t get the 100-fold promised if I give huge money sacrifices to “God”. In faith, I gave up my car, thousands of dollars, and in return? Nothing but pain. I had a channel called “Womb Breakthrough prayers” encouraging ladies to rebuke demons and other spirits off of their womb but I later found out my own womb was cursed still. I was forced to seek answers and my eyes started opening quickly in 2019. I was an atheist for a few months after giving up Christianity last year. Right now I am spiritual and I believe in spirits. I have received more results in working magic than all my years as a Christian and I am satisfied.

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Basically the constant guilty and the fact that i kept seeing penises everywhere the more i tried not to think about it. :rofl: Any shape would become a big effing dong. No matter how much i prayed or how much i fasted.
After a few years of this constant mental oppression i started to just read the bible to try to find answer… Geneses to Apocalypse. And i was shocked to how much inconsistency and gross sanctioned behavior there was in it. It was clearly a bunch of books written by a bunch of different people (none of them morally superior to anyone) over time. Not the irrefutable word of God.
From there i started to question my faith… Started to see what those pesky atheists where talking about. Started to watch the Atheist Experience on youtube… When i realized i had become an atheist myself… George Carlin definitely helped me come to terms with that fact with his humor. I devoured Carlin at the time.
I literally became a very militant atheist for like 10 years… BUT… because had lost my faith and because i realized i had lost a bunch of time… eh… depression started to hit me. All the bulling i suffered in school came hunt me as well at that time. The feeling of inadequacy of my sexuality in a very christian family… The remembrance of my father telling me when i was around 10 years old that he would prefer a dead son or a criminal gang-member son over a gay son. And just the casual homophobia that some times presented itself with laughs, some times with sheer hatred in spoken words and looks, growing up… DEPRESSION… real deep, clinical, suicidal type depression started to hit me again.
The reason i had become a born again christian in the first place was because depression… because of the bully and the shit growing up. And for a couple of years it helped. The feeling/belief that GOD would help me. I became baptized… even started to speak in tongues… But the constant stress of trying not to sin… and the constant fear… fear of “the devil”… and honestly, fear of pissing off God. Of not being what “God wanted me to be”… Not that i actually knew what God wanted… i knew what i was told… And that cross was quite heavy to carry… but i tried.
Plus the crooked pastors where constantly asking for money and it rubbed me weirdly how much they kept asking for money and making it sound like if we wanted God’s help with money we had to give money to the church non stop… Making it sound like it was a test… like if we were capable of sacrifice more and more for the love and blessings of God. They’d bring these people who supposed had made Millions and millions after sacrificing everything they had to the church… And the fact that i couldn’t bring myself to do that over time ruined it for me as well.

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Wow, some of these Christian Sects really sound like scams. It is horrible the kinds of things people try to pull all the while pretending to be good people.

While I mostly thought of Christianity as meeting up to sit, be bored, and eat tasteless wafers, (something I have been avoiding due to the fact of COVID-19 and the fact it doesn’t really do much for me spiritually)

That is just a biased perspective and that is really the only church I have been involved with. At one point I was considering joining the O.T.O., (mainly for the community aspect) but I never took any degrees including minerval (the guest degree). Crowley’s teachings on sex and sex magick just rub me the wrong way, and I realize now I also have some other fundamental disagreements with Crowley’s philosophy.


For me, it was how Christianity rules by fear, that you have to follow their god or burn in a lake of fire for eternity in perpetual torment. How tf is that a loving and good god? Tyranny goes against free will - and free will is your RIGHT, no matter how you choose to exercise it. Rant over. Btw I was brought up Southern Baptist and saw people speaking in tongues and laying on hands, that’s some scary shit!


Not guilt, but fear. I was aware of my homosexuality and psychic sensitivity from a very young age. I was afraid of myself for being attracted to males. I was afraid of myself because my community told me that witches are evil. Two major aspects of who I am and my self-image was already being destroyed.

On top of it all, what was preached was never love. It was hatred, ignorance and judgment. It was always: “the end is coming” or “worship God or you’ll burn”. The constant talk of eternal torment for not fitting a mold for a god that I never fit, of a day nearby that will be utter destruction and death. It was too much. At some point, I forced myself to believe God doesn’t exist just to feel safe. That was the catalyst for my exploration into the truth of Christianity, other religions and more.


It’s kinda weird that I posted all that on here…not sure if I like it…

I’m straight, so that wasn’t a factor, but I knew I had psychic gifts, so it made me feel guilty just for existing. I felt like no matter what I did, I could not get rid of my nature, so I would be condemned to hell. Also, I always had a hard time with obedience, so I thought why am I struggling so much to fit in with church.

I think Vatican II and that whole “I am not worthy to receive you.” thing for years and years did not help. It made me feel so unworthy all the time, even though I knew it was a prayer and it worsened my existing issues. I guess humility doesn’t really help me very much. Eventually they fixed the stupid prayer, but it sure took awhile. (and it doesn’t mean everything else wrong with church got fixed)


I have a similar reason as you … regaurding both Christianity & Buddhism … guilt wasn’t helpful & did play a strong roll in me suffering needlessly over things I shouldn’t have felt guilty over. Yet, so were some of the ideals, standards, & regulations that I, or anyone for that reason can’t live up to. In addition it was the rampant intolerance, hypocrisy, bigotry, close mindedness, piety, pretense & selfrighteousness passed of as divine righteousness, back biting, gossip, two faced-ness, sense of supremacy, objectification, deminizing/dehumanizing, ignorance, willful stupidity & glorification of this, vanity maskerafing as (false) humility, aragence, denying of science & misinformation, group supremacy (that often masquerades as “religious freedom”), false martyrdom & cry of persecution in the lack of in deliberate deception, lack of evidence & fabricated evidence, ext. .

And much, much more …

But all of it just built up … after a while … and I just grew sick of it … and cut ties & worked on deconstructing the damage, reverse engineering, & reprogramming my programming.

That and the math just doesn’t add up.

So yeah - there you go.

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I left because I was raised by a couple of closet druggie/alcoholic christcucks who made my life miserable because of muh jesus, muh church and muh community.

I liked drawing anime and listening to metal when I was in my teens. So basically everything I did or was remotely interested in was devil worship in their eyes. Growing up I got countless cds broke, clothes thrown away, was always grounded and wasn’t allowed to be around the opposite sex because God help me if I had premarital sex!!

I just wanted to draw, date and listen to bolt thrower. I fucking hate christcucks.

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When I decided to join Christianity, it was purely out of fear and not understanding the spiritual experiences that I had up until that point. Leaving Christianity, for me, was mostly about recognizing that I was there out of fear and that a lot of my spiritual experiences in Christianity had a lot of similarities to my spiritual experiences before Christianity. I specifically realized that what Christianity demonized wasn’t anywhere near as bad as it was made out to be. This was my main reason for leaving Christianity, but guilt was also a significant factor. Guilt would lead me to go as far as trying to control the things that I thought, so that I wouldn’t offend god. I would mainly try and stop myself from thinking negative thoughts or feelings, which really just put my focus towards negative things and attracted a lot of negative energy and negative entities. Feeling guilty for normal things that really didn’t matter left me feeling very limited and I didn’t want to live my life so extremely limited anymore. Acknowledging that life held more depth than black and white survival-type thinking is what helped me think for myself and leave the religion

People leave Christianity ( Judaism, Islam ) in many cases because it fails to deliver on it’s promises of healing, miracles, modern day prophecies that fail, over and over, and, most importantly because it attacks Psychics, Shamans, Yoga, Kundalini, Astral Travel, Telepathy, Divination, Astrology, etc. as being of “the devil”. These 3 Abrahamic religions do NOT want Gentiles having spiritual power ( like gun control ).
I eventually got smart and left Christianity. ““And you came out alone””, a Psychic tells me… ( Not sure why it was such a big deal that I came out alone. Average I.Q. ). Took me years to ‘get it’.
Most Christian, muslim, jewish sheeple are just trying to find their way. It is the small minority that rule the religions that will screw the rest of us over, given the chance. Satan destroy them

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Never felt guilty. I hate yhvh and his Angels. Samael and his demons are my gods

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