Just Did My First Evocation

Totally new to this forum, and mostly new to the LHP / black magick. I recently got the Become a Living God book and love it.

So I just did my first evocation, at least I think so.

Here’s the situation: I’m actually blind. So, lighting candles, staring at a sigil and all that, are impossible or useless for me.

So here’s what I did: drew a circle around myself, sat in meditation and chanted the enn of the spirit I was calling (Clauneck). As I chanted that I felt his presence very strongly all around me. When I felt I was ready, I asked him to come.

I then gave my request, and then dismissed him.

It all went really well, it seems to me. But am I missing anything? I know it’s quite informal from the method suggested in the book, but I think it worked for me. I felt a real connection and a real presence.

Also I want to make sure I’m not being disrespectful, it’s odd to me commanding another being to do something, I want to work with them respectfully. Any thoughts about that?

It was really exciting and I’m looking forward to trying similar evocations again.


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Thanks! I’ve posted my intro :slight_smile:


A bit shocked and a tiny bit weirded out.

Today I absolutely got some results from my evocation last night. All morning I was thinking about how I wasn’t really sure if it’d happen. But, around 12 hours after the evocation, I got a result from it.

I honestly don’t really know if I thought it’d work or not. I’ve done LOA for about three years and have gotten quite good at using it, but there were some areas where I felt stuck, so thought it’d be a perfect thing to try in an evocation.

My wife is a little cautious with this whole thing because she’s Catholic, though supportive of my path and a bit of a dabbler herself.

I’ve never done something like this before like I said. The only sort of similar experience is that about two years ago, Hades came to me and I started working with him regularly. Almost immediately after working with him, I started to see tons more success in my life. I’m not sure why exactly but I do know that’s exactly when it started. My income increased a few times over within about six months.


I had a brief association with a martial artist a few years back, who also was blind. It was very impressive to me how tuned in he was to his other senses. He appeared to be able to pick up on peoples energetic signatures very fast. It was impressive. Continue to prioritize progress in the development of your astral sight. Your not having to differentiate between sight pictures will quickly prove to be an amazing asset.

Robert Bruce discusses his experiences with teaching blind students astral travel techniques in his course astral projection mastery over at his site astral dynamics. I love the program. It is very thorough esp as it relates to touch. His methodologies are very good. I recommend them.


Hello there,
May I ask. When you say “working with him”, what is it that you have to do? Was there some instruction given to you? How do you put his instructions to use?
Thank you.

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He would just give me insights as to what I had to change to have success in my life. He never asked for anything in return… I asked him repeatedly if he wanted anything from me, or any kind of offering or anything, and he always refused.

Up to this point in my life I had basically been stuck in the same place for several years. I had tried everything to bring about success. But he showed me what I was doing wrong and things changed overnight.

Basically I would just meditate and then ask him questions. I didn’t call on him in any structured or formal way because I didn’t really know anything about evocation at the time.

Thank you for sharing your experience. You probably have a natural connection. You will probably benefit greatly from it.

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I’m very excited for you you know you may get a stronger sense and be able to do things on this path that most of us aren’t ready for yet you are gonna do some wonderful things can’t wait to hear more on your success n congratulations

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