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Hey I’m wondering if there’s a ritual to make it so that you return to a certain point in time with your memories intact. I’d really like to know what you think on the topic.


please miss mason can you help me with the sigil of dark angel Oeillet please


I do not have such a sigil. If you want me to contact the entity on your behalf and channel it for you, possibly with some other information, please check out my ritual for hire services at


Asenath, pls I need your help. Do you know any demon one can sign pact with for favour of business contracts? What are the offerings required? Tnx


Bune and Clauneck should be your go to’s

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Clauneck,Amaymon,both are great and both are very powerful


Hi, You need to introduce yourself, it’s a forum rule.


Will it be possible to purchase any of the illustrations in your books as prints?


You can find some of the illustrations on my BALG page: There are also sigils available on t-shirts. If you really want an image that is not there, let me know and I may make it available in the future.


How old were you when you got into magick? Was your family supportive or really against your beliefs


Which one of your books is best for a beginner in Qliphothic Magick in your opinion besides Qliphothic Meditations and Qliphothic Invocations and Evocations?Also,what made you interested in Qliphoth and Draconian Tradition?

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How often should I use Kundalini and the outer dragon ritual per week?

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Puedo invocar al rey paimon con mi sangre?

Rey Paimon

That picture on the lower right. I dreamt of an underground temple and someone who looked very much like Asenath was there but in an amber/red robe I believe. I couldn’t make out the face but she had a single candle and motioned to approach. I ended up in an alter/throne like room from a secret door behind. I was descending down steps just like that when an enormous glowing neon white-blue energy eye being appeared out of nowhere and grabbed me with long tendrils of that same light and raised me up right into its midst next to its eye lens examining me closely. Then it pushed me into its portal and snapped its eye shut closing it to blackness and I woke up. That was in oh 2012-2014. I can’t recall. I remember the name whispered but I didn’t think it was a real name.

I was surprised you really existed tbh. I’ll have to pick up a copy since the dream was so vivid.


Thank you.

A simple question:

If I worship Lilith and devote myself to her, will she take me to her astral kingdom when I die and transform me into a gorgeous woman so I can serve as a lustful prostitute in paradise hell?

Or is it simply that currently being an unattractive middle-aged male with quite limited erotic experience makes me worthless to her?

I’ve known about Lilith since the mid 80’s, and she instantly struck a cord in my adolescent self. Now I don’t have that many decades left, so I’m not about seeking benefits while still in the material world, but I know where I want to be going afterwards. Would she take me on?

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Asenth mason please tell temple of ascending flame to connect with me I tried to send them a lot of messeges but thay don’t answer me

Miss Mason i need your awesome insite, and i know how great you are, now when i go to site where can purchase Azazel compendium i have notice something very Haunted, its the photo where EA is sitting holding the Azazel grimoire i looked at his eyes especially left eye, they are very haunted, i can tell i get it with my Haunted renaissance painting i have on my wall in my Dinner at home, i asure you that photo is Haunted, i recognize very clear as day there is actually a entity in EA. And what do you think can you Miss Mason see the Same i was thinking because i skipped Volume 1 Belial without a master and went straight to volume 2 Lucifer Amaymon, should i get Volume 3 Azazel compendium, then volume 1 Belial without a master, because if that Azazel compendium has made EA the most Haunted human i like to become Haunted as well.