Newbie, do spells improve quality of life?

Anyone had long term effects that were mostly positive? I know magic is very real and can also be quite dangerous.

What I want is new opportunities in life. Things like wealth, love, and good health. All without the cost of others. I don’t wish harm on anyone.

I feel I could use a bit of help or energy boost because I’ve been so held back in life. This also caused me lots of anxiety around people wish my ADD or disorder I had was cured.

If anyone can relate and want to help it’s appreciated. Thanks.:slightly_smiling_face:


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Lol beat me to it @DarkestKnight

Welcome @RiddleMeThis.

Short answer: yes, definitely.

I also have ADHD (I don’t have social anxiety though if that’s what you’re referring to). Magic can improve your life in many ways. I’d recommend something like Mystical Words of Power or Sigils of Power and Transformation.


Magic has a purpose, you can use it for good or bad, or selfishness. Magic I know is very real, I started out at 16 years old, playing with voodoo, doing stupid things to people and it worked. But then months later I felt the hit back from it. It does come with price if you use for no good reason the person or persons didn’t deserve it. The same applies with wealth, health, and love spells. Does greed come with price, it may not be someone you love or even know that pays the price ! Do you really even know yourself on a deeper level ? Answer is no most don’t, so it can be even you that receives the price to pay for the love wealth you desire and if its done for forced love, and greed then someone or something has to pay for it. But if you things such as good luck magic, and increase wealth attraction to you, or abundance or prosperity those are attracting not forcing, you can use other magic to attract the love your life to you, to find them faster. Health spells are very hard on many levels in my concern dealing with white magic healing is just temp. heal. I always had to prefer much more strong rituals to make health problems perm. gone, with renewing the energy of the ritual every so often like 3 to 6 months for a year to few years. To make sure its good done deal, that won’t return.

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