I was just a joke to him so I’ll fuck his life up like it’s funny

I’d like an update if you wish to share… Did you already do some kind of work against him? Have you seen any results? Is there any be it a minimal part of yourself that still loves him?

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I understand you but I don’t think looking up a number for no reason at all but having a gut feeling about it is considered stalking. Sure I made a fake account to find out if it was true because there was no other way to do it. I had to know the truth because if I didn’t I would blindly wait for him to talk to me again thinking we’d be together soon and I’d continue being a stupid clown.


The only update I have is that I’ve asked for help. I haven’t seen results yet but that’s no surprise since I’m in no contact with them and wouldn’t know how things are over there.
I have worked with both I contacted before and the first time I didn’t know it had worked until months later.
I’ll make a better update when I know I’ve gotten results.
I’m planning on doing more work of course so we’ll see how that goes.

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Do you still feel pain for what he did to you? If so I’d suggest you asking President Marbas to take away from you all the pain he caused you in the past and currently and give it to him. When you feel better you’ll be strong enough to curse. First you’ve got to work on and take care of yourself.


Did you mean give it to Marbas or he who gave me pain? Sorry I’m just a bit confused.
Something that comes to my mind a lot that I try to keep out until I actually can focus it on something or do it in real life is me and him together at some place and I’m just pouring all of my anger and hurt onto him.
I try to keep that out of my mind because I want to put that anger and sadness into somehing useful. I haven’t figured out how to put them to use so that’s why.
I’m working on myself already but I do know that I have to get this anger and sadness out of me soon because I can’t have that inside me.
pretty much all I’m doing in those moments I think about it is asking him ”why” questions and I really wanna know the answers to them. Haven’t figured out how to get answers either yet.


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Hobbies or exercise is extremely cathartic. Art, writing, painting, etc etc. It will also keep your mind busy and away from wandering to this guy. Whether you curse him or not, obsessing and thinking about him over and over is not healthy.

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Yeah I’m doing my best to stay busy.
I workout, watch a lot of tv shows, try meditating once in a while and I have some other things I need to focus on too.
I try focusing on my future and myself a lot right now since well I need that revenge body like Khloe kardashian lol and I’m graduating this year so I need to figure out what I want to work with and stuff.
I have no idea what I want to do. I know that I would love a high paying job that I can do from home or anywhere but I have no idea what that would be or just something that I’d love to do but I’ve got no clue what that is.
I’ve been trying to figure that one out for over a year

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Dear @Angeela, I understand you so very well. I’ve been in your shooes. I perfectly know what means to want to know the truth. To know why!!! But I think that deep inside yourself you perfectly know the answer. He just doesn’t love you and you’ve been just an option to him. Sis, I’ve spent so much time asking my former partner WHY. And he was just a coward and didn’t give me any answer. Instead he was telling me If you’re thinking such bad things about me - then I will not even comment it. Why not, comment it, if I think such bad things about you tell me why I’m wrong… Till we came to the point of me showing him evidence (and believe me I know what evidence means, I’m a lawyer) of him using and stealing money from me and… and not only spending them with another woman but even investing in her projects with what he had stole from me… at that point I was so angry that I told him Are you a man or a f***t or some kind of jigolo. You know what he answered me… I’m not going to go down to your LOW level, keep this kind of language for somebody else. And at that point I asked President Marbas to cure and take all the pain from myself and give it to my ex partner. I don’t feel pain anymore. But he will. An enormous one.



So guys it’s time for a little update. I’ve had some readings done and this is what I got so far.
(Note this reader from what I remember isn’t super experienced but from what I got it seems that she’s getting better at it.) also changing the exact words just so you guys understand better since I’m not just copying and pasting the text.

I wanted to get answers and I finally got some so here is the stuff that I got from her readings.

Question: were the intentions of him good and pure or was it all a game?
It seems like he was telling the truth about all those things he said to me, or most of it anyways.
”Even though the situation is rocky between you two it can be mended”

He is rethinking his current relationship with his rebound.

Why didn’t he tell me he had a girlfriend?
”He didn’t tell you he had a girlfriend because he didn’t want to scare you off. What’s more he even thought he could keep both of you.”

Is his relationship with her getting worse?
Things are rocky between them, balance and harmony is missing however I can see the girl trying to fix everything.

Is his feelings for me growing stronger?
He feels positive about you and the feelings are still there but the current circumnstances are just too tiring for him. Probably not thinking of you very much.

The last two were more of an update on workings with demons. I’m also suspecting things are slow because I haven’t forgotten about it and let things flow through yet. I will of course there’s just one thing that I need to do before which I’ll do as fast as possible.
After that I’ll be letting things go and flow through and work even harder on myself and my life.

That’s it for now! I’ll probably be making an update within a month from now or so.


I finally met my ex after so much work done and it was nothing like I expected, actually worse but that was okay.
turns out this bitch is even more psycho and controlling than I thought.
What it seems like is that he’s finally understanding and realizing the damage and that he really needs to leave her.
May do an update tomorrow since he went home to finally deal with his problems and he would update me tomorrow


Curious, any update?

Are y’all together now?

Long story short. no. there’s a bunch of obcstacles in the way and I worked on this most of the year and still nothing.
We did end up meeting once and he apologized. We were gonna have a new beginning and put things behind us because we finally opened up and he realized things he didn’t before.

He told me he still loved me just as much as he always have before.

We were gonna start over this summer but something got in the way and he ghosted me. Still haven’t heard from him since and I’ve been trying to get him to contact me again so I could get an apology and answers as to what happened.

I really don’t know what else to do at this point and yesterday I decided that it was time to let everything go and whatever happens happens.

I have done everything I could possibly do at this point. around 7 demons were helping me on this, I did visualizing, petitions, honey jar and contacted his higher self. all for different things of course and I’ve thought of every possible thing to do and I am pretty much where I began.

sorry for the messy update. I wasn’t planning on doing an update anytime soon since I’ve been doing a lot of other stuff lately.

I feel like why there’s still blocks is because of myself and I need to work on that. I’m not new to making him contact me. I’ve done it a bunch of times but this time I haven’t been able to even do it once. I’ve cleansed myself, my room and I do cleansing spells so no parasites in the way.

okay so let me try and put this together.

He was ”tortured” by Andromalius which made him realize what he was doing to me and what he was losing.

The truth came out and he still loved me just as much. He’s been in a toxic relationship for so long and been manipulated enough that he can’t stand up for himself any longer. he is constantly negative and giving up. The only light he ever had was his job and talking to me.

He opened up about more stuff and so did I. He said he was gonna better himself, try not to be so negative anymore because he was realizing that all I ’ve ever done is try and help him and I think in a way he finally understood that I’m still the same me but a better version and I only wanted the best for him.

we met, he apologized, couldn’t even look ne in the eyes but when he did he felt love for the first time since forever. he also didnt look me in the eyes because he was ashamed of what he had done.

after he met me he had the strength to get rid of her (the toxic person) but only for two days until she just had to come back💀

we kept talking though and opened up even more to each other until I got the truth out which was that I’m still the best thing that’s happened to him and that he still loves me just as much as the day he met me.

after all that we started over or so I thought. He asked to meet me the week after or as soon as he could get away from the toxic person. the last thing we talked about was that we were hoping to meet soon and I haven’t heard from him since then which was over six months ago.

maybe be died of covid idk.

Okay if to lay it out I’m a guy and I’m quite good at profiling (I don’t get 100% but I’m really quite good at analizing people no magick involved just a skill that I have naturally because I’m a huge empath and I absorbs everyone energy by automatically placing myself in there shoes and it’s hell I need to work on)

Here’s my point of view and see for yourself :

He do love you but he’s still lying to you he’s the type that feast on the fact that you’re still on him after all he did on you to create a situation where he can have multiple partners and being discrete about it because he’s jealous
If he had a solid personality he would tell that he’s not on one and one relation and that he sees other girls, but by that it would cost him being sure he’s the only one in the lives of each girls he’s with
Hence why by doing so he creates a climate of paranoïa because he project it over everyone he’s trying to be with at the moment, it’s something that you can’t control if you know that’s wrong(so he’s counscious about it)

He’s weak and he’s propulsating himself to stay like that for a loooooong time if not his whole life, he doesn’t seem to have the power or the will to change that pattern, from what I read it’s been years that he’s like that

I’m certain that he must have a really good side for you can’t let go of him but beware ! Look back at all the topic

SEE what time it has cost you, from going to hope-hate-let go-hope-hate-etc
Don’t let him control you like that, he’s will of having pultiples partners seems to be more powerfull that the one you have for letting go

Please for your own sanity erase him stop putting money on the table like a gambler that lost all his expense and wich is still playing cause “I’ve gone that far I must go all the way” NO…Sometimes you need to stop yourself from going deeper

There is a lot of chance(not 100 but pretty close) that what you’re currently going through is just the same pattern of he found someone and he’s trying to hide it before going further with you

If you know that you need to let go just erase everything you think is related to him, if he has gifted you something smash it with all of your hate and put it in the garbage
If you need to cry and shout while doing so, if you let go from outside you must do within also

I hope I didn’t sound to much like leading you it’s just that I felt too much while reading this topic and needed to write what I would’ve done to let go of what I’ve accumulate
Yeah I needed to let go of this thread so I’m smashing my enter key and hope for the best for you


I feel you. I know it’s been long ride and it was time for me to just stop putting all this energy into this.
most of what I did this year was to break him free because he’s only ever wanted to be free from her. He never told me what he wanted with me only that he wanted something but I’m pretty sure he just didn’t wanna say he wanted me back.

Stronger forces seems to be at play here and I’m done fighting against them. It’s time for me to solely focus on my life goals and not focus on him at all.

I did it once and I can do it again. It took me a long time again to finally accept that I need to keep moving and not put more energy and time into trying to make things happen anymore. I did all I could ever possibly do to help him and for us to get a chance together but it is time to just let it all go.


You go girl !
Find people close to you to help you have a good time
Show them appreciation, take care of those ones wich are important that are still in your life

And feel the bless of being surrounding by love of the genuine people that ask for nothing in return,
The best kind of love

humans can be more dangerous than demons… I remember reading somewhere here in BALG about someone asking Astaroth if she can kill and the answer was in the lines… yes I am good at it but I won´t do that if the reason is… you wanted to fuck the girl and she said NOOO to you!

I am happy that you came to realise that its better to move on and take care of your own self. Keep investing your time and energy for yourself and things that matters really

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this thread is a reminder to not get back with a complicated ex :eyes:

it aint worth the fight trust me


Yea…you gotta respect yourself first. And being with assholes isn’t it. Congrats though!