Dream about lucifer

I have never worked with Lucifer before and out of no where I had a dream about him. In the dream me and my boyfriend were having casual talks and his voice suddenly becomes demonic and his eyes are red. Am scared but not really scared. He chokes me and asks me to turn around and I see a painting that had an inscription on its frame “Lucifer book of magick” and I pull my boyfriend with me and run downstairs. He laughs at me but still with that demonic voice and tells “it’s too late. Where are you running?” The confusing part is the whole time in the dream my boyfriend was loving to me. Even when I had the understanding that’s Lucifer in him, with the demonic voice. And when I woke up startled I was wondering why did Lucifer choke me yet be so loving to me? And I tried talking to him during my ritual yesterday and wanted to see him. He said “call me in your dream.” I couldn’t sleep properly last night. I could sense drifting into sleep and having chills on my body. I saw dark shadows in the room. I was too scared to open my eyes and face it. I don’t know if it really was Lucifer who came in my dream. It could my stupid mind tricking me. I need more clarity on this. I would be grateful to anyone who helps me with this.
Thanks in advance.

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Well, I can’t give you a full explanation (some things would take time to explain and others maybe need a bit more info), but my advice is to summon him and ask him. Dreams are ofter signs or ways spirits try to talk to people. So, I suggest you summon him and hear him out. Even ask him about it.

Thank you!! Il definitely try…

If you need help doing that, I have a really great topic for that: Easy Spirit Summoning Technique

The only reason I told you to ask him about this, is because the only person who has the 100% correct answer to your question is the spirit that created all of this (Lucifer in this case), so he’s the one who should answer why he showed you this.

Totally makes sense. I was wondering if this could be a calling. But it’s best to ask him like you said. Also thanks for the link. Totally useful. :+1:

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That’s him for sure,I suggest to call him.

I want to… but scared…

Don’t be,he is very nice guy,if you think that he is scary he will be ,open yourself and approach him like a friend and he will be yours. He likes jokes and he sometimes play with us :smiley:

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Wow… u really know him… il try my best to let go of my fears… il keep updating the progress… thanks for the support…

It is His warning to you to cast and practice carefully before you make a mistake and cast for bane or unbridled riches, or the love of your life, you must be realistic with your magic or else it will not be acceded to and your wasting your time and His.

I don’t understand. Why would he warn me even before I start to work with him? And if things go well I thought of asking his help with shadow work.

Because obviously he sees and hears your intent and knows what your about to do, hence His vision and warning.

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