I'm Going To Summon Bune

I haven’t been able to find information that I find as helpful. So I was thinking to summon him once I get off of work. I have a great emergency with need to money and if I dont get help now my life will literally be ruined (I’m only 25) I have nothing to lose in this. Even a loved one passing. Because I dont have any loved ones. So I’m going to do my best to evoke him and ask for his help. I cant breathe and I haven’t eaten in days from the stress. And I cant take care of my home from the stress. I need the help and I need it now.


You don’t need to do a full evocation, especially if you are stressed out. Just open his/her sigil and project your desire into it.

Follow this procedure:

PS: there is a LOT of information on this site about Bune, both in male and female form. Use the search bar and read some of them. She is very helpful, and friendly. Reading some of the stories might help lessen your stress, and make it easier to do the magick.


You don’t have any loved ones?

I disowned my family because they’re a toxic bunch. I have a boyfriend but I feel no emotions for him anymore as he’s abusive. And the only person I ever truly loved (pretty sure he was my soul mate) died of a brain aneurism when we were young.

Alright. Thank you. I didnt do it as I calmed myself down. But despite not doing it I checked my credit card and the payment the card company kept saying didnt go through went through. And everything’s starting to work in the way I want. I think I will do that tonight though. But do you think Bune helped me regardless of doing anything? I’d like to thank the Duke/Dutchess if so.

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It’s possible. You could have summoned her by intent. You can always give her an offering of thanks anyway, even if you are not sure if she helped. It definitely won’t offend her.

Alright. Thank you, I appreciate it.

Oh hey. How do you pronounce Bune’s name? I’m from Wisconsin and we speak very phonetically there. So when I look at the name I feel that it’s supposed to be either Boon or Boon-eh. I dont want to be rude in pronouncing their name wrong.

It’s usually pronounced 'Boon".

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@Kaya I’m sorry to hear about your situation. I’ve been there so I know how you feel.
Yes that definitely sounds like Bune. I’ve been working with the Duke for last 4 years and he’s simply awesome. He’s quick to come and (trust me) the results happen for sure. He never fails to deliver.
I know he loves a words of praise, as he made a clause like that included in my pact with him 4 years ago. So when you wrote his name here intending to evoke him, he gave a token of appreciation back to you by doing what he did. He comes to me in his male form always and that’s why referring as “he”. But his form which he appears to you will only be depending on you.
All the best and give it your full energy. He will not let you down.
Keep us posted.


Hey I’m very new to this my girlfriend has gotten me into all this great stuff but recently we’ve been having financial problems and she mentioned to me if I would like to summon Bune because she helps with money but my question is how do I summon her if I wrote down a pact?

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