Have you ever felt WORTHLESS

I know BELIAL possessed me!!
Cocaine emotional pain
Actually felt a spirit enter me.
Felt like genius/madman
Melodies exiting me In droves
Got a section
I say possession
Nhs say psychosis
Sadly now on mucho medication
Fat washed up and dull

Thank you lord of the flies

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How do u know it’s Belial ?

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Welcome back @Worthless Please properly introduce yourself as you were asked to do back in February when you made your first post. CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick, such as what you peactice, how long you have practiced, areas of interest, etc:



How can you be so sure it was Belial?

Belial or Beezlebub?

Felt like demonic possession
By a jinn!!
The realization of the fact that am actually with out value, suspending my huge ego allowed this demonic takeover!!!
Was getting raped by succubus say night
Very weird way back in 2007/2008
Utter chaos!!

Can you speak one normal sentence and properly introduce yourself?



Not saying you are in this category or close but one view on depression and worse:

I can’t blame spirits for such without real proof. Tbh, these are beings i prefer to honor in some way and not talk smack about or blame. Even the all-spark creator gods i don’t blame but would love to confront as existing must serve a purpose.

Sort of like a dead seed in the most barren of death void suddenly grows to reach that far away eternal light like a seedling plant. It only seeks to reach it but why serms uncertain other than to exist and GROW!


Lol! Welcome to the vision quest my friend! X

We are all worthless in a way. I hope you get better. I bet it has nothing to do with Belial or Beelzebub. It could be parasites.
I guess we’re not worthless, but puny/weak.

I’ve felt worthless because I have struggled to be able to find ways to be of service to others while also being true to myself.

I’ve vacillated between doing things solely to please others and making myself miserable, and just focusing on myself and still feeling everything I do is pointless because no one else cares about it and it has no monetary value.

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you are not worthless! Realise what you are!

Easy said, not so much done.