What exactly is the black sun?

Is it the same as the black flame in that case ?

I don’t think so. And the sun wheel is neither a nazi symbol nor the black sun.

The black flame is what you kindle within yourself, I think of it as spiritual fire aligned to the potential in darkness.

The black sun, imo, is a gateway to the ‘infernal realms’ aka outer darkness across the abyss, but more usually energy and beings come through it to us rather than the other way around. The Seed of Darkness (a nonagram or nine pointed star with a pentagram in the middle) is also such a gateway.


I wrote that besides Amaymon there is the point of view of a magician stating that the Black Sun would be the other side of Lilith (Black Moon) and, according to the title of his new book, I now add that the Black Sun’s name would be “Liluth”… BTW who knows, maybe he is Amaymon, or one is an aspect of the other.

The black sun is Sophia, she will emerge after the current sun is destroyed.

The Black Sun Is An Manifestation of the Heart of Satolas,the heart of the serpent,which gives life,gives wickedness and darkness into all hells and Beings,Gods,Legions Demons of darkness.

The black sun,in its true form since many magicians dont know what the true Manifestation is,it is the centre Of the abyss,It is the highest Force Of Evil,Rotten,Infernal and dark powers since it is the most ancient manifestation of the dark void,the Acasual Realm,it can be found by the adept childs of darkness in the dark void when embraced as nothingless looking deep inside it is the thirds or second layer of outer darkness.


This Might be Helpful for many of you How To Enter the mind of the Black sun : The Gateway For the Black sun Quintessence


Anyone who is interested there is an audiobook on audible titled ’ The Black Sun : the Alchemy and Art of Darkness ’ that is very good. Might be a bit dry and academic for some at points but it definitely drives into the philosophical, psychological, and mythology surrounding the black sun.


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Hello everyone, I would like to give you my vision on the black sun.
I am here now because I dreamed it, I saw it in the sky in my dream, I felt as if a ray of it pierced me and entered my soul.
I felt fear in front of its power, yet its ray has left it in my soul, that sun has haunted me since I dreamed it the first time.
I am Gnostic, and I believe that the only valid answer among all the comments has been given (@Shemaesin)
I believe that sun is Sophia, a dark power (Because it is a deep, esoteric, occult knowledge … at the bottom of the abyss) but at the same time it indicates a sun, something illuminating on a symbolic level in this case, with sharp rays, which enter your soul to allow the passage to the PLEROMA.
Even the Gateway hypothesis is correct, it is the passage for the return to PLEROMA, to the real world out of matter.

Now I put an image of the sun that I dreamed of, it indicates it perfectly:


U been watching naruto?
Black Sun is one of the most powerful and deadly jutsu created by Yōkan. To use it he begins to create the Megido and infuses it with lightning and fire chakra. Than compresses it to the point in undergoes fusion creating a star. He then releases it into the sky it begins to gather hydrogen and oxygen from the sky causing it to grow in size. After a few moments the star become bright enough to match that of the sun. The new sun begins releases massive amount of dark chakra in the form of black light.

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@xyn0n I’m getting very powerful visual flashes off this image

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I guess :)… I know, it’s very very powerful …

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Cool image and story, thanks for sharing.

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Exactly, the black sun symbolizes the divine potential in man, the pneuma for the Gnostics.
The black sun is the transition from sleep to awakening, the esoteric, occult and profound illumination that is found in the abyss and is not visible to everyone, while the common sun everyone sees it.

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I am happy to have been useful to you :slightly_smiling_face: @Shemaesin

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The super humans are coming.


A Powerful symbol. …Antimatter makes sense…As a symbol alone, u could derive anything from it based on personal perspective or ideas that came before…

It’s a brilliant symbol

Superhumans remind me of Nietzsche’s Ubermensch