I need help with azazel evoke / invoke

Hi i’m here new
i need some help with azazel i tired to Evoke 2 / 6Invoke azazel about 8 times and nothing happens i don’t know why if there something or is the wrong with me i do everything as was mentioned in The Luciferic Bible book there was a red candle a vodka for gifts i wear a black everything was ok but i never seen something or feel anything even that i ask azazel to show himself if he was there i tired everything so please help me with that
about room i was in Basement room no one close to me
i don’t know what that mean if it’s mean i move to lucifer or others kings

Hello @SatanMom
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Have you practiced hearing or sensing or seeing spirits? It takes practice like a normal muscle.

No, I don’t know how this will be, but i’m working on my third eye about a week ago

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it is something you must practice with. Its not like “i opened my third eye” I’ve been working with lilith as she was adamant on me meditating on her sigil. and I’m slowly starting to hear voices with time. And I’ve only done four days of meditation.

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He was there when you invoked him. You just couldn’t sense him. Always expect the spirit to show up when you invoke them because they answer.

You need to work on your senses. Try chanting this mantra during meditation. This will open your spiritual senses slowly and is quite powerful.