Ever Killed With Magick?

I’m sorry.
I’m still stuck on the fact you equated murder with blowing one’s nose. The most unceremonious and random of actions— wait I guess it is kinda like murder. Impulsive, not well thought out, random murder. Oh god this is getting too deep. Someone teach me time magick so I can avoid this little tid-bit of reality. :stuck_out_tongue:

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KRONOS is your guy. He even makes bomb gift baskets.

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Thank you good Sir and/or Madam. XD

well, and let’s not forget about the Ministry of Magic. :smiley:

Hello, if possible I would like you to assist me or answer a few questions if you have the time. Thanks in advance.

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I fuckin like

Any tips? Feeling trapped sucks.

Rapid onset cancer. Because he fucked with my daughter. How- private

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For your particular circumstances, possibly several…Maybe, but first may i inquire why you feel trapped?


Michael is a ruthless entity. Ask him.

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One curse I did ended up ending a pregnancy- was unexpected, did not ask for it. So far it seems as though it’s just prolonged suffering for the other subjects. Intense reckless behavior, possibly leading to death. Homelessness, illness, self destruction.


Yes. One very obviously as I was told before it happened and the other through accidents such as car crashes (Glasya Labolas)


Yes I did dark magicians made me help them
Create a ghoul the dark magicians were killed

the dynamics of demons and angels are made to handle delivering curses,
as long as you do it right, they do the rest (you can also ask them very specifically, as I did, if you wish to make sure) . That is very much the case with all inbetween details you want to see doen, anything you have a doubt about, you can ask them anything. :slight_smile: even if you are not receptive,
you can send out if…then…requests (vocally/through your thoughts) I usually do it out loud as speaking things out help you ground your focussed intent.


:smiley: what a cool idea that image hehe :slight_smile:
it gives that positive swing to it… :slight_smile:

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The curse has yet to take the target, it was a demonic curse.

depends on who you kill, who they’re allied with and all that

Admitting to nothing! One seeks out a particular corn kernel, it has a coloured striation within it, the incantation is pronounced over the kernel and it is then dropped surreptitiously on the direct footpath of the intended victim. Whether the intended target wears shoes or not once the kernel is stepped upon it embeds itself into the victim’s body.

It is a veritable death sentence.

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When you threaten people and hurt them, you gotta know who their friends are. Rituals are powerful. If there’s an uncanny motorcycle accident the next morning, or death by so many newly acquired illnesses and worms a few months down, then who am I to be upset about it?

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