Invoking multiple demons at the same time

Hi. I’ve been reading about how invokation works and I’ve already invoked King Paimon, he’s been helping me with some issues that I have with addiction and also depression, it amazed me how this is actually working for me and years of trying to overcome with those problems didn’t. I know that I do not have to be lazy and expect him to tell me everything about all the knowledge that I also want, so in order for me to show him that I’m actually investigating and doing my part, I wanted to know if its possible for me, a new magician (1 year of getting into it without actually practicing until a month ago with King Paimon) to invoke multiple Demons. two or three to be specific, at the same time to make a pact with them. I don’t really want to reveal much information about what I desire to get from that pact but if its possible, can I start with building a relationship with each one of them and ask them separately for permission? or can I go directly with the ritual and invoke them all at the same time? I ask this in here because I’ve been trying to find information about this and I haven’t really found anything that could help with this specific situation. So if anyone had the kindness in here to somehow guide me through it by I don’t know, providing me a link to the actual information or recommending a book where I can find info about this, I would really appreciate it. Hope everyone has a great day and week, looking forward to talking to somebody about it, thanks!

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I’ve Invoked several at the same time.

But what you are talking about is EVOcation I think, not INVOcation which is drawing their essence inside yourself.

Personally, if you’re going to do pacts, I’d stick with one at a time.

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You can invoke several at a time, and you can evoke several at a time.

It all depends on how you’re going to take it - mentally and physically.

For a pact, if you think you can keep your mind sharp during the ritual, you can go for it.

As for how to do it - same way as you evoke/invoke a single entity, you just do it back to back with a number of spirits.

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