Did I just vampirism someone?

Ehh I learnt Ashera Star Goddesses technique and immediately felt compelled to try it out. I chose some random sap over Facebook and imagined his presence near me and the felt his energy body. I then placed my hand in his heart chakra and began draining his energy. I had no use for it so I shot it into the sun. I then sent sunlight through the energy cord and asked one of my Guides to destroy the cord. For some reason his chakra turned grey and I felt it crack.

Honest opinions please? I feel high in a good way and feel in touch with my predatory self which is very wolf like.


I would say you damaged his chakra and energy system in that area. One of the things you need to work on is control so you dont damage people’s chakras when your draining them, or learn how to fix them. Maybe both. And should someone anger you and they deserve it you can damage there chakras as well.

That is definitely vampirism, you can use it as a weapon or a tool in healing people, over all it’s up to you. Just dont let the predatory feeling/that rush control you.


Any recommendations as to how to do this? I’ve been pulled to the sexual vampirism path a lot too so maybe I’ll add it to my practice :thinking:

Yeah this was an experiment and man it feels good but one thing I learnt is that like anything be it alcohol or excercise, one must control themselves or risk falling to their addiction.

Thanks for the input!


When draining people try not to be so forceful, experiment with the amount of force your using, start with the bare minimum and play around with it. Find someone who you dont like or deserves it and use them as your test dummy.
When healing try doing what you do for your own chakras, send the appropriate color healing energy to the chakra and visualize it healing, make sure your intent is focused on healing it.


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