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And negative. Fast.

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The Necronomicon spirits are powerful but are NOT lovecraftian, at least not the Simon Necronomicon.

The best way to get to know them is to read Lovecraft himself. They respond well from his books.
I do like Mason’s book and i have another that breaks down Nylarlathotep’s different masks and their aspects.

Hotep is probably the only one who would find that amusing since he is the only one to have taken some human traits for shits and giggles but the rest, no.

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I actually have to disagree. I loved the Tyson Necronomicon because it blended Lovecraftian Mythos and workable magick so well. You don’t even need to companion spell book to form a working system from it. That being said I haven’t read the spell book or the Novel yet. Been meaning to for years but haven’t gotten around to it yet.


Cthulhu and hasur are in the simons necronomicon.
There not often recognized as lovecraftian because they aren’t directly stated as lovecraftian, but some them are.

What exactly are they tho, genuine spirits or thoughtforms/egregores?

The Simon Necronomicon is based on Sumarian deities but slap Lovecraft’s names on them.

Cthulhu and Hastor are very much Lovecraft, Cthulhu being one of the few Lovecraft described in detail along with his drawings of the Shogoths and Elder Things.

The book works, but its not Lovecraft.


Not inherently lovecraftian tho I bet there’s a correlation

If i remember the author wanted to make some money off Lovecraft’s fictional book but did actually put real Spirits in it.

Both Mason and Duvendak have said its not that effective for the Old Ones.
Its not just me lol.

There are a lot of decent books out now, instead of this one.

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Extra Dimensional beings or ‘aliens’ if you will. They live between the dimensions of that makes sense


Liber trapzohedron Is better imo

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Yeah thats interesting. I would love to try working with them sometime

I’d recommend it highly but use caution these aren’t normal sprits, just there presence can make your nose bleed or cause you to have heart extreme pains in my experience with invoking Cthulhu.

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I’m guessing they have a very “alien” type energy and feel to them?


Ya very unhuman. They feel like something very old thats never been human.


They can pop up like a human to communicate with us, but these are so far from even ‘aliens’ as we can even begin to think of them.

Never read the spellbook either.
Should still buy a copy of the simon necronomicon spellbook though.
The only one that’s still missing

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Any workings with Mordiggian???

Grimoire of the Necronomicon by Donald Tyson has some interesting tech if you’re not already familiar with it. Shub Shub is a cutie <3

I would be interested in this.

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