Best Demon/Spirit for helping me find a girlfriend and attract Girls

Hello Everyone I’m new to magic and demons, I’m want to know if there would be any demons or Spirits that can help me find a Girlfriend and attract Girls to me (I’m looking for a serious relationship). I’ve had great experience with Lilith and developed a strong connection with her and I’ve worked with Amdusias for helping with my music. I would prefer to work with a demon/spirit that is a female or has connections with Lilith.

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You can try Sargatanas, though he is male, I don’t know how well he will mesh with Lilith.

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If you look with awareness and alertness , you already found the demon. All the ladies in front of you are demons!!! hahahaha. It’s true. THey can hurt you soooo bad if you wrong them. =o) Even if you don’t wrong them, they still will hurt you. :laughing:



Be blessed.

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True but I got anxiety so I don’t think that would work for me lol

The ladies too can help you with that anxiety. U just gotta find the right demon lady. haha. maybe cougar?

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Yeah probably going out more to find someone who be best but it wouldn’t hurt to try magic first :heart:

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I’ve heard Succubi can, but they themselves are beings of love and lust and they are uber protective of their human companions. I’m still sorta new to succubi. I have one of my own, but our contact is limited because I dont have the spiritual awareness to sense her consciencely, but with time and effort anybody can do it. They are very great companions from what I hear

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Have you ever had a gf?



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Even if you don’t. Some just have pleasure for that, to waste your time

me neither, but how old are you?

I’m 19

Sargatanas seems like the best option for me but i have no idea if Lilith is going to get along with him I hope they will. Thanks Everyone much love. :heart:

I’m 16

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Try Antharathu and Froglatasch, he can basically do whatever you want Him to do. Also Hail Antharathu and Froglatasch!

Do you know anything about them both?

I tried reaching them both and did’int get much information about them