Son of Satan?

Has anyone worked with the spirit called Estavon who calls himself the son of Satan and oversees the pacific coast of the US to come against “PRM”?

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what is PRM

PRM stands for Pacific Rim Movement. It’s a “revival” some local destructive churches believe in for their gain of new members. They aren’t you’re typical churches either. My bff was in these churches and they literally kept her in a leaders basement with 5 other girls and raped and brainwashed them. I didn’t hear from her for almost 2 years because they cut off all her contact with friends and family. I’m hoping Estavon is real and is taking this seriously. The last thing that nasty church needs is more young girls to destroy. My bff was hospitalized and diagnosed with PTSD I’m pissed this church wasn’t shut down.


Damn… I wish her a healthy recovery.