Sex/Lust demon

Very good point

I was meaning to ask you a bit more about this. How ugly are we talking here, and how good looking was the girl? I’m of the belief that magick has a lot more power than people give it credit for, and this is a good example of what im talking about. And do you know what method they used?

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The man was like 65yrs and the woman about 38yrs .

I dont know which method he used as I came to know about this case from newspaper .

most probably vashikaran he used

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65…Damn…but thats kinda weird to get outed in a newspaper for using witchcraft. Is it 1782 where youre at? :smiley:

The paradox of wanted ANY WOMAN but sheer numbers of posters is everyone wants sex its the moment you dont want it is when you get it im sorry to sound cliche but this is true. Look at the girl that nobody is going to date every guy will subconscious ly take that as a motive for having sex wirh her. The prudes are great seducers because you want them to care and want you but they dont and it eats at your very ALPHA male brain

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hypnosis and split personalities

i bet it would’ve been better if you used phi/golden ratio as a symbol too,

what did you do btw


What did you do? :smiley: What ritual / spell? Gimme that spell ! lol :joy:

Would be very funny to see that happening to me.

You know… for research purposes. :+1:t4:



For how long did you masturbate ? Like do you have to cum or something ? :sweat_smile: I’m on NoFAP lol


You’re not gonna be able to leave your house like me if you do this.

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How do u make ur own singil?

Did u do any prayers on them

Yes. I spoke my intentions over the sigils.

How to Make Your Own Sigil
Activating Sigils

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can you write it properly what you did?Start till end i guess lots guys need it…


Arises few questions

1=made a sigil? written what? it was general attraction? or written specifically you want only horny women? or what/?
2=get a red candle put it over a honey jar (any specific place you done that ritual?)
3=burn that sigil on that red candle than masturbate around that while thinking what you want to do with women (wait till the candle completely burned out? or same candle be used all seven days and make same sigil daily for seven days and burn?)

i hope you dont mind my language

infact i am just interested in the part where it attracts everyone(opposite sex) thats strange

edit: i want to ask if this to be done in Toilet?will it increase energy?