Daily readings

I already asked for one but didn’t detail what kind of scan I wanted. Could you do me a scan to see what spirits are around me, and also my godform please ?

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Sorry I didn’t specify earlier. Would you be able to scan my spirit or god form?

i’ll take one if they’re still up

I would love a scan to know what spirits are around me. Thank you.

I would like a scan about spirits that are around me and our relationship .

Welcome @Faiz_Qureshi It is a rule of this forum for all new members to properly introduce themselves, so before asking for scans or readings, PLEASE CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick, such as what you practice, how long you have practiced, areas of interest, etc:


Sorry I didn’t specify earlier, spirits around me or god form please.

oh I didn’t specify either. Spirits/Deities around me and god form if possible :heart:

If you have the time, I’d like a scan to see what spirits, if any are around me, or anything else you see. Thank you in advance :bouquet:

Hey can you do a scan of my spirit guides?

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OK so I did a, scan on you. I open a, portal to your inner dimension… I am, ushered, in By an, old woman she is, really nice .seems, full of wisdom and holds a stick.She has really warm shaman, energy vibes. We are on top of a snow mountain .I ask where you’re at she guides me forward. images (34)
Ahead of me I see a lady sitting on a small rock intensely staring into the flames, of a bonfire.
images (35) i shift into a, crow and fly above her. I see one rune sticks down on the snow… Cards… And a wolf beside her. She is engrossed in the act as, if the flames, are compelling her or something. I fly above and around to see if I can get, any more information but cannot. I go to the lady… Thank her and leave through my portal.

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Oh it felt as though she was doing ritual

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Okay requests are overwhelming.I will, be doing, random readings and priority will be given to people who exchange.

I’d love one too…@trishul66 … love ur name man

Okay I open a portal to your inner dimension.
I am inside a cottage flying above… Its night and a lamp is lighting the room dimly. In the center of the house is a lady… Holding a baby… She seems frantic as if giving the baby medicine or milk. She is rocking back and forth on he chair. Seems like her efforts are not paying off. She is surrounded by almost 4 huge shadow figures.They don’t seem malevolent. They are almost like confused want to help but they can’t. This means the world to this lady but the thing she is doing is not working… The baby then turns to stuff like bloody intestines… Then into sand and withers away. The lady sobs a bit. She is mad bit composed.She rises from the seat and heads to the window opens and gazes into the vast night sky. A big big biiig moon can be seen.The environment shifts and classical, music can be heard. The room smells nice now and I notice flowers arranges on a desk that just manifested out of nowhere. On the desk is a pen and paper .The lady moves from the window goes to the desk and starts writing. I see enough and leave through my portal
Hope this resonates

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Will do tomorrow

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I will scan you tomorrow.

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Can you do one for my spirit animal

Lol okay. But I heard somewhere that they shift. The spirit animals

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Just do one for my guides tomorrow. Sorry for the trouble.