Dating people who are only into Magick?

Ok that they are into magick yet i somehow prefer them not and knowing many other stuff i don’t know . this way we can share knowledge and learn. More important is their open mind to support/grow /explore together. If they have that mind, then magick isn’t a problem. The activities and interest is not more important than the person.

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Lucky !!

I’m open to dating someone who is open to my practices. I was married to someone who hated anything I did that he couldn’t control… screw that. As for dating another magical practitioner, I wouldn’t be opposed to it necessarily, but I’ve heard war stories about how things can go horribly wrong in the end, so I would only do it with eyes wide open.

Unfortunately, most of the guys I meet who are into the occult are not my type, and we have no spark.


My exes, they were well aware of it — they found it intriguing but not one of them were on the paradigm of belief that I was on. This didn’t cause conflict, there’s a lot to learn in a relationship which is a magical experience by itself.

Many women I’ve encountered don’t seem to have interest in these type of practices besides pop cultural astrology and tarot; maybe a bit of esotericism. I couldn’t date a religious person unless there is no clashing or conflict of beliefs.

My preferences are open, but I’ve always endowed on key factors of having a partner with the same passion in mind. It sounds like tremendous depth. Can raise to great heights or burn to ash very quickly! Humans are abrupt, chaotic!

Haha my first love was a black witch after her saying. I got her quickly on an festival, she had an total crush and did the first step. Things gone on I worked a bit with rituals to get her closer to me and stuff. At some time we took divided ways and after 3 month I was torn back to her with every thought. Went well for another 3 month and then I did a final cut. After some time. Literally 2 weeks ago I am torn again very powerful to her. I found out that she was bewitching me somehow ^^. Now I’m counterspelling to get her back. Is this really my intent?? :sweat_smile:.
I’d say it’s very very dangerous cuz, if something’s going wrong magick can fly shortly over your heads…

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Satanic mingle says otherwise :triumph::ok_hand:

Yeah, selecting magicans only is dumb.

Plus if every chick you put a list spell on KNEE you put a list spell it’d probably be really annoying. Same goes with influencing friends or colleges.

Don’t make your whole identity based upon who you command to build your empire.

It really do be like that sometimes, witches be cursing bruh. :man_facepalming:t2:

A mage just trynna move on, witches want to get their soul shattered I swear.

Be indifferent and just protect, sucesses is your best bet my friend :ok_hand:

I find if your identity of being a “magician” or a “black magician” controls your life to a point you’re literally a “if they dont practice I dont want them” kind of person, you are headed towards the cringe part of the rabbit hole lol.


Yessir :rofl:

:sweat_smile: Not every one is that bad tho! I had the wonderful luck to meet awesome witches.
I don’t colorize magick anymore, but we have a store in my town from white witches and they can lift curses and everything ^^ it depends very heavily on the character!


I’m “guessing” the black witch ex doesn’t fall into that category?

It’s a fine line between love and hate bro.

Success is the best revenge,
:ok_hand:quit the ex.

Protection and success, ditch her forsure.

:prince: Stay up king, no simping.

P.S. imagine if Lilith broke up with an ex, is she the type to curse and then ride your dick again. Probably not, she’s probably riding the sick go round to feel empowered err something.

Stay logical and unemotional bro.
If the thought of that pisses you off just react with success and indifference.

The purpose and money will get you much finer chicks bro :ok_hand:

Lust spells work great on common chicks.

“Can’t get over you” :rofl:

Never that

So sad. She didn’t understand you.

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I’ll try my best ^^

“Do or do not, there is no try.” - The green wise puppet alien.


Just really depends. I’ve never dated anyone that was like christian or anything, honestly because I’ve attracted weirder people all my life. They weren’t like practitioners but they knew of some things and was pretty much okay with me, but it wasn’t like I’d talk about demons or even magick all the time. It isn’t really necessary, anyone that does that maybe has nothing else going for them, so the relationships were always okay in that department. People that are attracted to me, even if we’re not in a rs, they’ve always been okay with me and more interested than anything else and since I’ve started practicing more, I’ve been attracting more people that are similar and even more okay with demons and magick because they’re into it to. Some more than others. Also, it isn’t because I made myself seem more attractive with magick, it’s this weird thing that always happens to me. People like that always find me, now like it’s in second gear or something because they’re a lot more attractive now lol

I practice magic you practice magic. Are you up for a relationship ? Let me know.


I’ve always been into the occult to a greater or lesser degree. I work with spirits and consider myself a dark magician. Yet , the women I’ve had throughout my entire life have been the non initiated and more often then not " Christians" . It’s something I do but isn’t required they do. When they love you they really don’t care what you do. It just scares them a bit until they see how balanced and responsible I am with my life. Most of my friends are normies… most people just don’t practice occultism. Especially demonalatry or invoking spirits lol. It’s kinda like bodybuilding. Your a lone wolf most of the time.


Some good Ole transformation path working could be a order here. Yes , people are assholes. The ones we love hurt us the most. Sometimes we deserve it and sometimes we don’t. Spiritually I truly believe things happen the way they have to happen to further your evolution. Not saying it’s fair but if life was fair I think the majority of us would be dead lol. Fortunately you are not dead. With that revelation , there is SO much opportunity to re create yourself . I doubt you’ll attract another sick basterd like that once you align your self with what you want to attract. Set up a foundation to protect yourself and be the strongest version of your self. The world responds to your effort EVE. Good luck