Help in finding the right demon to summon

Hello to everyone reading this, I am new to this page, but not so new when it comes to magical work. Still, I have never worked with demons before, usually I help myself with my own knowledge and powers. Nevertheless, I have been feeling the need to call out for assitance, help from someone older, wiser, and bigger than me. The last few years have been a bummer, and I feel like my persona is being reduced to nothing by the people and situations I’ve been frequenting, and even though I try to move on from that, it seems like I always end up in the same place. I feel drained, and no amount of meditation, grounding, or protection spell have helped me so far.
At this point, I think I need strength, power to keep moving forward, and I need it granted from someone, something else other than myself. At least, I need help to get the focus back and fight against those who want to wrong me, are envious of me, and want to minimize me. I was able to do that by myself, but after a 3 years relationship with a really draining guy, I’ve lost most of my will.
If any of you could recommend a demon to work with, one I could get to know better and try to develop some sort of link with, I would be deeply grateful.
I hope you don’t find this ridiculous. But I’m out of options.
Thank you.




If you want a good list of demons try joy of satan they have a bunch listed along with their sigils. And they have them listed by ways of helping you. Also everyone has a guardian demon use an oujia to call him/her out mine is Azazel.


My bad! I will do it now.

Thank you, LucifugeSatanas, I will explore joy of satan and hope to find the right choice. Do you have any tips to finding my guardian demon with the board? How should I proceed?

Just ask its name and if you get one look it up along with its sigil you may also get an unknown demon or spirit show up who is not listed anyhere. Also try animal spirit guides we all have them mine is a crow if you have a favorite animal or a pet you can use that as a spirit guide in the astral realms.

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Sounds like you could use some help from the Holy Spirit.

Thank you very much, I will be looking into this today.
Best of fortune to you.

Animal Guides are more than that. Your pet may not be a guide at all even if they are in tune. You can Meditate to find your guide. I would think you could meditate to find a Daemon guide as well.
I don’t personally trust using boards but just remember don’t answer a question for the spirit, make it spell it out. :wink:

I’ve heard Belial state Joy of Satan has misinterpreted what he says so take that as you will when surfing their site.

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I will take this into consideration as well. That’s an issue to me, I haven’t really got acces to written down material, only what’s on the web. It gets really difficult to find veracity. I am very cautious, and I do not put into practice things before I really analize them…
You’ve heard Belial? :heart_eyes:
I struggle when it comes to meditation, it is not one of my strength. But I’ll have to work on it.

Thank you very much, Alita.


Check out this site then, lots of good info to help you out :slight_smile:

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My animal spirit guide came to me via meditation it also makes since it would be a crow since there are alot in my area. I think ouija is good to find the name of your demon i also asked him tons of questions about who he is and who i was. Just gotta take a risk with it.

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I also asked Azazel if the sigil i had drawn was his he said yes, make sure if you get a demon his/her sigil matches and they respond to it.

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God’s that sign is always funny to see :joy: