LHP and death , what happens to the magician in the afterlife?

Really have been thinking about this lately.

What happens ? Does your level of ascent have anything to do with it too ?

Like I imagine a advance magick practitioner will be more likely to not be reincarnated and be able to have his own universe in the astral then some novice or intermediate who is still somewhat new to their path.

How does it get determined if you will reincarnate or not ? Is it simply by choice regardless of your skill level ?

What about the guides and spirits you have worked with ? Will they be there to greet you and guide you throughout the astral and creating your own kingdom ?


Reincarnation is by choice. You can stay a million year without thinking of clothing yourself with flesh. While some choses to come back, i mean, reincarnate the instant they die.

Lol when you get there you will understand better. But your level of ascendance depends too.

It does.

Try question someone you know but is dead when you AP. I shouldn’t come with some random words or ideas that pops into my head.

Hi, just joined not too long ago. In the astral thoughts create but in the astral I’m sure that thoughts manifest instantly so if one is not careful it would not be nice. So I’m thinking if its possible to create a universe that is just like this universe that we live in different from the astral and is created by the individual. Which means that the individual can have a universe of their own making and have dominion over it as god. And in this universe they can be able to live for a millennium, what do you think?

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Yes, it is possible. As some people have their Temple there.

I have alot there too.

It sounds very easy and simple saying it, but it won’t be that easy. We are still clothed in flesh.

Yes, possible. As time is slower in some planets while faster in some.

I, I have a small kingdom in a certain planet, it’s not populated though, just me and some other passing spirits who came to say ‘hello’, those i invited, my servitors, familiars and the angels i work with that does come there. It’s not a place infernal beings can penetrate.

So I’m thinking there is some sure possibility in what you are saying but I’m thinking it won’t be as easy as I read it.

Have you try to build a house somewhere outside Earth before? How much have you work in the Astral, manifesting things, and all?

I see, please forgive me for I don’t really know how to work around this forum. I went on the link that you gave me but I don’t see where to post. Also I mostly astral project through dreams, I was close to astral projecting consciously awhile ago but only went half-way out of my body. As for manifesting, I have manifested a lot of things, as for building a house outside of this world I may have done this. Not sure, I have had so much visions…

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Ok. You should practice conscious travel well, with it you could try out more.

Consciously out of the body will give you the assurance.

Your soul is in this material prison of space and time for a reason. It seeks to understand itself and become perfect and complete. It has 100% potential and seeks to actualize it and become a God. As long as you have not became a God, you will continue to reincarnate until you will learn everything you need. Reincarnation is NOT a choice. It is a choice if you are already a God and that would not be incarnation but rather the ability to either remain in the Nightside, the void, the astral plain, or come to this world and assist other souls.

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I want to astral project consciously but because of the situation I’m in its difficult, actually I may not even be in this world soon. Cause I may qualify for euthanasia in December. The spirits that I created told me that I would see them again soon and even gave me a vision of my own death. This may be referring to December, but I hope that all goes well for me, I desire many things but don’t exactly know what I desire.

Thanks, I posted my comment.

I will send ya a PM…

Reincarnating is actual Work, and you have to learn and understand the mechanisms, to do it.
But yes, any Mortal can learn it, and start using it.
Most just don’t seem ready for it.

As a good start to getting ready for re-incarnation, is to love living first.