Powerful Love Ritual

@someguy1 stop monkeying around. lol and go cast some real magick. =o)

:joy: :joy: :joy:

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I just casted this spell woow after I was done my body was shaking and I’m out of breath .


Can i perform this spell more than once? Because I already did it once about more than a month ago but im thinking about doing it again to reenforce it. Will it help it be stronger? Does it have any negative effects as performing for the second time?


why not? it’s good practice.


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Hey there! Did you have any success with this spell? Would you like to give us an update? :slight_smile:

Nothing yet

:roll_eyes: maybe its too early ofcourse…
Let us know if something change!

Of course :slight_smile: I have faith in it

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Just remember try to forget about it, the more you lust after the results the longer it’s going to take

I dont have pictures, just on my phone, can i use name dob

I just did this and my heart feels tight haha i hope thats a good sign

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Hey! Sorry if this is late and not sure if you’re still active on this thread. However, I did the ritual earlier today. But, I don’t know if I messed up. So, I was letting the candle burn for about two hours until I got interrupted and blew the flame. I re-lit the candle about 3-5 minutes later. Will this disrupt the spell?

My candle has been burning for almost a whole day, still has a lot more to go. What does this mean ?
Can I put the flame out with out messing up the pell ?? :frowning:
Please respond !! Still new to this and learning :frowning:

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lol. u got a special candle that don’t burn out? ever though of using a smaller candle or cut it to smaller size? good news is that as the candle burns. it’s powering your spell. =o)

Bigger candle more power

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I used a small pillar candle. Not the bigs one… does this mean I should redo it ? Now I’m overthinking too much lol

lol yup overthinking. just blow it out . tell the candle you’ve power it enough. time to go back to rest. lol

Lol ! :joy: thank u !! I’ve been so hesitant to blow it out I didn’t want to mess anything up.