Goetic Demons wanting sex?

Hey everyone, so I made an account just for this question and to get everyone’s opinion or personal experience on this.

This may sound a bit conceited, but I believe that one of the Dukes wants to get more… physical with me.

So for some background, I’m relatively new to working with demons (I know you probably get that a lot here, but bare with me). I’ve been studying them as a whole for years now, but only recently began to invoke, and even then I’ve only meditated with incense and the enn for one specific demon; the Duke I mentioned before. I always had planned to work with Goetic demons but the reason I actually got around to doing it when I did was because one (the Duke) gave me a very vivid and unmistakeable vision of his face as I was laying down to sleep late one night. I didn’t know who it was at the time but found out months later, and then took another six or so months to finally try invoking him. That first invocation went well, it was intense but not too much so and nothing sexual went on at the time, but I absolutely felt his presence with me.

Without making this longer than it needs to be, let me just say that I’ve been lead to believe that he wants to bone. My question is: has anyone here partaken in sex with a Goetic demon(s)? Do you personally think this sounds in line with how demons are, or am I completely mistaken with thinking this is the case? Also any advice would also be appreciated. :slight_smile:


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PS: After you introduce yourself, please use the search function. We have an entire thread devoted to stories of sex with demons.


Oops, sorry. I’ve created an introduction post now.

I actually did try to search for something pertaining to my situation (using Google and then the forums search as well), however I only found threads relating to asking demons for help getting sex or seducing other humans… I might be doing something wrong though, I’m totally new to the site.

Is very normal to have sex / sentimental relationships with Goetic Demons. Here on the forum you will find a lot of information about it.

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It’s not really conceited lol, demons are people with desires just like any human, they want what they want. Many people have claimed sex with various Goetic demons, it’s very common occurrence.


Yea, I agree with @anon48079295
They are more similar to us then we think.

Sex magick is very important for the demons and the infernal.

…I wonder which Duke lol but it’s common for many to have sex with a demon even marriage with them so if you feel it to I’d talk with him about it…cause well you know it’s better to talk it out first then to just assume…

Not all demons, I doubt there’s little kid demons running around praising sex magick lol, let alone everyone praising it lol. Some demons view different practices as important.

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It is not just Goetic Demons, but Greek Deities, and thought forums have been documented as wanting sex at some time or another. Sex is a form of communication.

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It’s also a form of energy work :smiley: and a funny way to get something from someone or someone to bend to you xD


same happened to me the first time I evoked Belial, that’s why I haven’t evoked him again yet, i don’t feel ready to give myself entirely to such a great energy. I really wanted to have sex with him too, but I’m a bit worried about consequences.
On my side, I have a lot of sexual energy, so maybe they try to relate to you in the way your energy manifests to themselves.

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The bigger question is what you want? don’t matter what demon want. Until you get results in real life with magick. It’s all in your head. =o)

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