How to form a extreme deep connection with Lucifer

This is sinhala or pali language but not a word
How did u get this?


Sorry my mistake… yeah your right Sinhala


First of all, thank you for your efficiency,
I was asked to tattoo this in addition to the seal of Lucifer when I made my pact with him.

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I used this a few months ago when I was ready to start working with Lucifer… he’s been a friend, mentor, father figure and guide ever since. We even watch movies together and he listens in on my phone calls with a magician friend and teases him. He also uses that same friend to give me messages some times. It’s been amazing. So, yeah, This worked exceptionlly well.


Dear @C.Kendall
in connection with Lucifer ,in the moments i feel someone talk to me inside with the words i cant understand them.and a horrible feeling of fear comes to me that i cant stand it.what should i do?
is it forbidden for me ?or does it have any danger? please help me.

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Thank you soooo much for this. I have been searching for a rites of passage to connect deeply with Lucifer and he has lead me to this. Awesome and thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.

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Thank you so much for this! I tried it last night for the first time and, quite literally, as I said the part about the left shoulder, my left shoulder set on fire. The candle had somehow set the left hand shoulder of my jumper on fire as I had said it. Thankfully, I put it out without much damage, but does anyone think that this is a bad sign? I was trying to see the symbolism of this! After, I felt like I couldn’t connect and focus. Thanks guys :black_heart:

I’m new here. I just related to your comment. I’m 40 and have been a believer my whole life. I feel like my life is being turned inside out, but it just feels right. Not sure if that makes sense.

Thank you for your insight. I needed to hear it.

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Can beginners do this rituals?

I once had my insence stick burn down, like completely on fire, the holder was resting on a dry baby wipe for some reason at that moment and the whole thing just caught fire. Man, l only went outside for a quick cigarette and came back to the room to see my desk burning, like legit flames, that not only scared me but also left a huge burn mark on my white table :sob: !! I probably forgot to blow the flame upon leaving the room but man, that thing went down quuuick.Things happen and l would not obsess over whether that’s a good or bad sign, you can always ask Lucifer whether it was him or it just happened for no particular reason.

@Gwydion22 l can only speak from my experience ( a beginner at early stages of beginning, if you know what l mean :wink: ) but l have been using the Litany of Lucifer by Mr Kendall daily as well as the meditation techniques he presented and although have not had any manifestation yet, I have felt that He’s listening and knows that lm calling him and that a connection is slowly being built.
So yeah, so far so good.


Ah, yess! Gotta say the whole procedure really do works wonders! Ive done the whole procedure as described above, and I gotta say I sense Lucifer in my every day to day life. He sometimes gives wisdoms when I’m feeling down due to some reason and some times he cheers me up. He really is inspiring and enlightening.
Try evoking him, spend some time weekly an hour or so to build a more close relationship. That’s what I do. :sparkles:

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I do try to speak to him daily using the sigil, his enn as well as the litany devoted to him. I’ve also been using a very short prayer that Lucifer gave to Connor (he put it in one of his posts somewhere here) that l say when l wake up.
Funny thing is that approaching Lucifer has not crossed my mind even once when l started this whole path, l thought he’s completely out of my league, so to speak, hence l concluded that ld focus on more beginner-friendly spirits like King Paimon. But then l gradually began to feel more and more drawn to Lucifer, lve carried out quite good a research on him and l knew l wanted to make contact. It might have been King Paimon who kind of planted this idea in my head to reach out to Lucifer, whoever that was lm much grateful for that.

Since lm unable to communicate with spirits at the moment, lve put together a small letter to Lucifer and lm going to read it out to him starting from tomorrow. I’m hoping to get some extra energy from the full moon that’s about to take place. Anyhow, lm patient and lm sure I will eventually get to see and hear him, l enjoy waiting for something if it’s something really big and of special value to me, almost like I’m more into chasing the rabbit than actually getting to catch it though🐰!

I hope you’ve built a good connection with Lucifer and that he’s helping you whenever you’re in need.

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Thats what happened exactly with me! I never thought I’d start on this path through Lucifer, I was thinking about Astaroth first but eventually I don’t know, his name just came to my mind and I wrote him a petition spell to protect me and since then I am having frequent experiences with him. :sparkles::heart: he is very patient towards beginners, so it is alright to evoke him even if you are a beginner. He is very understanding.

It might’ve been paimon who planted the seed in you to contact lucifer as he is one of 8 great dukes of Lucifer. :sparkles::wink:
I wish you luck! :sparkles:

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C.Kendall can you PM please

that’s great. Can he change a human’s physical shape or eye color?

Hi Kendall! Is it ok to talk to him on my normal summoning space? I talk to all the spirits there.

“All of these rites must be performed in the same area, do not cleanse nor banish anything done in this area.” does this mean I should not clean the area where I’ve done the ritual?

What physically clean up? Of course you need to keep the room clean especially dispose of offerings. You dont want to leave around mouldy food!