Evoking Abaddon

IMO what people call good and evil are both nessecery for reality as we know it to function.It’s just when something goes out of balance, say too much of the dark then there should be for example comes into your reality it causes problems.I’m not promoting we make the world a more evil place on the contrary I think we got too much of it around right now. I’m just saying that both are nessecery.

Even the beings that want to destroy everything IMO are just acting out the functions for which they were made. To me that’s like calling a predator evil for eating meat. It’s just doing what its supposed to do. Of course that being said I don’t want those things doing what they are supposed to do around me and I’ll kick their asses if they try.

Anyway I am interested in hearing about your order if you are allowed to talk about it.

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I certainly understand where you are coming from, and in one sense I completely agree. Though while I agree that good and evil necessarily are, and there’s nothing to be done about it, I don’t agree that what I understand by evil is necessary to life in some functional way. If every battle were won by good that would not overturn existence. On the other hand I shudder to think of the opposite. Although I think by evil I mean something slightly different to the usual, viz. in the absence of the ordering principle, there is a natural return to ‘chaos’, and that is necessary for the way of the world, but I’m not sure that in itself is evil. It’s more like there are two principles battling over an unformed ‘chaos’ as the equilibrium point, if you follow.

Even the beings that want to destroy everything IMO are just acting out the functions for which they were made.

Angels of God can destroy, but mere functions in the cycles of creation and destruction are not what I’m talking about. Cosmos is an order out of and within chaos, even if I ultimately think it would be better to have a degree eternal order if such were possible. I would say that such evil beings, however, are not creations of God in the first place, nor mere chaos, but arise through perversion of such by evil. If creation occurs through an ordering of chaos, it can also be understood why evil can’t create anything at all but can only pervert the created, while good can certainly ‘destroy’ through a re-ordering.

Perhaps they can be said to be acting out functions for which they were made, but that doesn’t change that they are to me vile enemies to be slain wherever they are found. Don’t worry, I’m under no illusions that this is a war which can ever be ‘won’. It is eternal.

To me that's like calling a predator evil for eating meat. It's just doing what its supposed to do. Of course that being said I don't want those things doing what they are supposed to do around me and I'll kick their asses if they try.

The difference is that the predator is merely indifferently chaotic like a raging fire, and is eating to sustain its life, while the evil spirit is purposeful in its hatred. It wants to destroy the cosmos itself for nothing other than the sake of this destruction itself. I’m calling these things evil because that is what the word means, really. And I am opposed to evil because that is simply my nature as an essentially divine being. To do otherwise would be to, by degree, lose my true self and become animalistic, or worse, embark on a path that leads to Hell. And I’m not being a Christian here.

Anyway, these are difficult ideas that I won’t pretend to have quite figured out yet.

Anyway I am interested in hearing about your order if you are allowed to talk about it.

Maybe later.

Let me put it this way. In proper Kabbalah, the Qlipoth is absolutely not the “Tree of Death” and the underside and counterpart to the Tree of Life. I don’t know what idiot invented that nonsense. Death, and all the principles of creation and destruction, are already found in the cosmic map that is the Tree of Life. The Qlipoth is a pure perversion, plain and simple, a kind of parasitic opposite that has to be but serves no necessary function or cosmic purpose, for what it does is its only ‘purpose’ as an end in itself.

The times when I sort of merged with reality I came to understand that the demonic, the angelic and everything inbetween are all nessecery functions. Of course I wasn’t specifically looking intot he function of the “absolute evil” intelligences you speak of that want to lay waste to everything. It is possible that these are perversions of creation as you assert, but its equally possible they are supposed to be there as I am inclined to think. I will look into if this is the case or not when I get the chance to do so.

One possible function I can think of for such things is to make one stronger, they’re an adversary that must be overcome to evolve. Of course if I’m right about them, there’s nothing wrong with fighting these, as if my guess was correct, its what your supposed to do.

This is a Dukante sigil, published my Demonolater S.Connolly. I like it a lot and use it.

An interesting fact - the name of the russian tradition, which i am following, is Avvadon. In his early writings he was stating, he was a personification of Abbadon himself.

Are there others ? never saw them before.

[quote="-TWF-, post:4, topic:2081"][quote=“MichaelSmith, post:2, topic:2081”]Here’s his sigil, unfortunately that’s all I really know besides the most obvious.

Would like others input on this elusive entity as well


Those are the sigils EA has personally used to work with Abaddon, they should work fine.[/quote]

WOW-DAMN !!! just went through this entire thread- WWHHOOOSH !
Kinda sad about all the dungslinging from all the participating thrones, but alot of good spirited info via debate. “Some know shit, vs some know Shit”.
One thing i have become convinced of over the time i have been searching and studying, is, 1- There are 100,000’s x1,000,000’s of spirits, gods, demons, powers, whatever. Gather all we currently have ever had on this globe from the second 2 big rocks stuck together, and we have 1 sandgrain on all the beachs in the galaxy. 2- Even tho we have sigils; I cannot fathom why any entity would not establish new sigils with other workers- maybe for their personal relationships (yes- I believe that happens) or for one person to say "hey- so and so told me this is another combination by which she/he/it could be reached- likely with other Enns and Calls- no differant than someone having more than one email acct or cell #. So really- and i am still a pretty unAttained Padwan Learner in things demonic- we may know it all- but we may also know enough to know we have so much more to learn---- especially from our LEAST FAVORITE places and people. IME.
What i think is important, is that whatever data is out there, from whatever source- it is a pebble on the path- big or small, past or future, but as valid and legit as will get a serious Worker to the next foothold. All of the validity of the past will not overule its value for the Traveler in the future.
I loate the Goetia, mostly the spirit, the method came from good old fashioned bigotry, fear, and ignorance; but how great we at least had that so that more Couragious folk could use it to Experiance Work and Refine the more Advanced and Courteous methods we have now. i did not have to read any warnings to realise that everytime I entered my Sanctum ans saw my Goetic Sigil hanging crooked, and having sluggish kinda irked Belial sessions, that moving it to the south- [better] then out altogether[excellant] to see the validity and appreciation of one sigil over the other. 3- guess what; Betting, and fully intending Belial and I end up with at least our own sigil for our own little club— and if I get anything from him which he says “hey yo- this will be a solid rocket booster for everyone” I will joyously send it in---- and thank and love ya’ll amazingly for getting me there.
Got kinda preachy- but you all got so much to give . That EA is in my world- you guys and Gals are here in my world- makes me really ache for another 53 years to try and catch up- educationally; and Experientially.
To all the EA haters- thanks; more Ice Cream for me. 9393/93 &love

Fwiw, I did some artwork showing Abaddon as I saw him, posted it here.

Pre-moderation BALG was a different place, mostly certain people crowing about knowledge and not, when you go through their post histories, actually sharing it for the enlightenment of their peers… times change, and that mentality always seemed pretty toxic to me.

C’est la vie - anyway, here’s how I saw the big guy:

Larger version.

This is the context - I was in the astral planes, meeting demons, in April last year:

He was standing over it like a very tall, draped figure, a bit like the character in the Rider-Waite card below, only not downcast and his shoulders were much broader: he gave off an immense aura of power, and he seemed to be almost wearing some kind of helmet - if I had to describe it, it looked kind of Roman in style, but not like you see in movies.

He was watching the town being constructed and the buildings resembed the old mud huts we see in rural Egypt and in reconstructions of the villages of the classical era, one single door, no windows at all in this case, and flat roofs, walls smoothed with clay or plaster. The whole realm was a dusty reddish-brown and he seemed to be overseeing the construction of something new.

Yes, I certainly will keep you apprised. However recent days have thrown me abit of a detour, but Abbadon is still very much on the To Do list. Plaaning to have a Pactworking with Belial lasting 2 lunar cycles, then a month or 2 lafter that- plan to a Pactworking with Azazel. Barring unexpected redirects- Abbadon should be next.
I willkeep you in the loop- because without You, her High ness Lady Eva; and all of you others in BLAGland, if I do not keep you in the loop, it may land around my neck }:p>=0===

[quote=“Orismen, post:75, topic:2081”]I really do hope that no one thinks I am trying to be an asshole. I am just saying that I am 100% sure that I got Belial on the phone, though if someone wants to tell me I am wrong, and they can tell me what to do better I will listen. I can admit that I am wrong when I am.

P.S. FDM, if we haven’t scared you off of magic permanently could you give us an update about your journey with Abbadon?

And if anyone cares, but please be gentle as I am out of lube.




EA’s Demonic Gatekeepers sigils found on an Etsy site:

I won’t say more than this. But ‘system’ you are best fit for sunday school. i am not confused about Abaddon. i hold you opinons i have read with the lowest regard and less authority. Hoping you feel the same about me. Naive ? I find you have quite the knack for labelling folks so that you remain the “Grand Labeller of all beneath you”, fine, whatever.
I could swing a rat and hit anyone on this forum, far above and beyond anything you hold in opinion. You may line item veto every word I say- but you likely only hold that yourself.
The difference between Gods [capital “G” or Not] and Demons— IS the spelling. I think the Concept of a “Benevolent God” has as much Validity as a “Malignant Demon”.
end of transmission

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You’re interested in Abaddon?

I can help, I have been working with him for a very long time.
I also have another sigil of his, besides the one E.A. has, plus his name in Hebrew.
As for finding any information on him, you won’t. Not beyond the basic stuff.

I know that this is 5 yrs old but if you have not found anything, yet. I am willing to share as much info as he agrees to.
Anyway, if you can message me.


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@DarkestKnight: I will as soon as I can get it figured out.

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No problem, my friend.

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Thank you,
Git it figured out and posted in both the new members area and introduction area as well.

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Haha, no problemo. In fact, i have actually gotten alot of good data and ideas from all this. i will most certainly reveal all I can. As it is i am still working on my floorcloth and gathering data for the ritual. hoping blastoff is in no mre than afew months at worst. ave to all !!

abbadon is one of the archangels of death, hes not a demon at all. he is king of the locust plagues and tormenting the vile spirits of gehenon (unfortunately solomon is not being tormented :rage:). he is the one that will bring pestilence to the world(supposedly). i work with him personally and he is very kind, but intimidating (huge spirit after all). don´t piss him off and you should be fine.

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