Intranquility Spirit spell - everything you need to know

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What were your results

Long shot but can this be done without these elements?

  • Intranquility oil
  • Commanding oil
  • Return to me or Follow me boy/girl oil
  • 7-day Intranquility candle

It’s impossible to get them where I live tbh.

I just bought a fixed 7day one from Etsy I haven’t received yet I bought 3 of them

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No. You need these ingredients. If you can’t get them, look online on how to make them yourself.

I am in the process of buying all of the items needed to do this spell. I do have a few questions…

  1. If I were to buy pink mini-taper candles, would that work? Does the size of the candle matter?
  2. Once the spell has been completed, what are some spells I can do to sweeten or cause love instead of friction once he has returned.
  3. For dressing the 7-day Intranquil Spirit candle, the one that I order is coming in a glass, how would I go about dressing this candle if I cannot seperate the candle from the glass. Here is the link to the candle that I am going to use:(
  4. Can I also add more oils to the mix such as “Stay With Me Oil,” “Forget Me Not Oil,” “Reconciliation Oil,” “Deadly Attraction Oil,” “Irresistible Me Oil,” or “Come To Me Oil”.

For the candle you hold in your hand? Yes, that’s fine.

Once the spell is completed it is recommended that you do nothing but let it manifest. If you do sweetening work it will cause confusion. Think about it - you’re tormenting him with the Intranquil Spirit and then you’re going to try and sweeten him at the same time? No. Don’t do anything. Just let it do it’s thing.

You can dress the candle by taking a instrument (like a pencil) and poke holes in the wax. I try to mix the oils (and powders if you’re using them) together in a small vial and then gently pour it over the holes you made in the candle so it seeps down and of course drizzle some on the surface but not too much.

I would use the last three oils you mentioned in your list above if you had to use any.

I hope this helps.

Does anyone know a good Supplyer for the Items needed which is nearer to Germany or in Germany? I ask bekause it takes from one to two Month for the Items to get to me when I order them from Supplyers in the US and sometimes our Customs take Things out of the Pack because of our Safetyrules. Or were can I buy a Kit for this Spell with a Step to Step Guide even now in These Times?

AMAZING. I love it! Thank you!

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I am a Chinese, I want to do this magic, but there is no oil

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I was always taught to do the intranquil dressing and prayer outdoors and when it was done light it and come back inside. And when I say I was told, I was at my botanica years ago and went in to get supplies and picked up some intranquil stuff. The Viejita was firm on telling me to do it outdoors

Thinking about having this spell done on my ex boyfriend.

Can anyone share their experiences with it?

I had this done in the past back when I was clueless and it turned the jackass into an asshole…an obsessive asshole. No amount of sweetening would change him neither. That was my result, it might have been different for other people but for me, he was an ass, a verbally and mentally abusive asshole. That spirit rode him hard. It wasn’t for love, it was done for something else and he came back like I needed him to, but at the cost of him being abusive.

Get it done at your own risk is all I can say.

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I’ve definitely been going back and forth with the intranquil… I’ve talked to many experienced casters and some say do it and some say do domination work instead… I’m still considering it I just don’t know 100%.

So rather than doing the full on spell, I decided to burn the intranquil candle instead just to see if the spell is really needed. The 7 day candle burned before the 7 days. White soot was left over meaning that my petition and prayers were heard (so I guess thats a really good sign) I also got a timeline reading done for the candle and she said that no later than middle of september, give or take less than 30 days is when my ex and I will reconnect and be on the same page… She said that she sees signs pointing to events of romantic nature between us…

I’m not sure if you or anyone hear can read candles but can I get your interpretation on this and what she said?


I don’t have any experience reading candles or wax, but I’m interested in what yours mean. I never considered using the candle only without the spirit. Please PM me with your results if you feel comfortable sharing them. Good luck :bouquet:

That’s so true, you can’t combine a sweetening with the Intranquil. Once they return that is when to start the sweet work, until then just pray they are tormented to return.

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Is there a way you can get a demon or deity to perform a similar function to an intranquil spirit spell?

I don’t want to take the risk of swapping places with the intranquil spirit, and I distrust such spirits.

Hopefully, there’s a way to get King Belial to do the job.

Any suggestions?

Yes. I asked Glasya Labolas to do this for me, and it is so far going well.