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Hello Ben,Thank you for your testimony.

Just looking for a quick scan. I’m at a crossroads right now.


Hey! Rowan here (Lorekeeper),
Bit of a question.
I am really new to this and if you read my intro (intro topic) you know why. So here’s the lowdown, I am currently trying to buy a good few of the lesser keys of Solomon but, it’ll take awhile so I thought I’d try something in the meantime. I was fascinated with the Ars Goetia so I looked up a bunch of demons and my favorite out of the bunch was King Paimon. So after a tooon of research on him and what people said about his summoning and how he was good for beginners, I thought I would try an invocation/evocation. Now keep in mind a lot of the information I got on his ritual without the Ars Goetia was pretty conflicting on what to do to prepare. But all that aside I tried my best with the supplies at hand so prepare to cringe pro magus. I made a makeshift circle out of a large blanket (only learned about salt afterword) in the cleanest room in the house (my bedroom) and put regular house candles (I only have white right now but some sites say they’re good for protecting you) down at the cardinal directions using a compass. Then since I had no good altar surfaces I used a large guide to medicinal plants/tinctures thinking the idea of knowledge would correspond a bit. Then I actually do something good, I put gemstones of his color on the “altar” along with gold offerings, a sun talisman, some african beads I have, and some food offerings, plus I printed off his symbol putting it in front of the altar all while this setup would make me face the northwest/west. Then I got my best kitchen knife to act as an athame and my rowan wand (slightly chipped at the bottom) and got to work. I did the pentagram ritual (probably not the full one but definitely a usable version), then I traced the ED combined earth symbol whilst chanting the phrase that goes with it a few times. Then began my chanting for a bit over thirty minutes. I ha politely asked before hand for no really loud noises so I don’t really know if the noises I heard during the chanting/my poor conversation was him or the house (both maybe?). In the end I may have felt a little strange but, I got no response, when I felt strangest I stated my intentions more clearly and wrote down to things for him on a notepad of significance to me and soon ended the ritual after a bit of chanting/talking to him (if he was actually there). I haven’t slept yet so I don’t know if this will be dream related, and I’ve cleaned up after praying(?) to him stating that if he wants the offerings they’re still around for him to have. I was wondering what I should do since this might of been unsuccessful. And I was wondering if anybody who communes/talks in general to king Paimon can have him confirm if I did it right (time was 6:35pm to 7:15 pm aprox) and if I did it correctly ask him what the food offerings were to confirm it’s him. K getting tired, sorry I rambled on thank you for reading this. Goodnight King Paimon/person who’s invoking him. :slight_smile:

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Hello! @Lorekeeper @Hysteria_Dortel

Do the intro Here

Already did before the story. Just wanted help with my long winded question :blush:

I don’t know if my question is in the right topic. I just read it and thought “Hey I’m a newbie maybe I’ll put it here”. If there’s a topic where I should put it instead please tell me and thx.

In the same boat man (except I’ve always been a bit less strict on the skepticism). May I suggest looking in to the Keys of Solomon. I’m about to get some of them and if you find anything out I can help you with testing things as a newbie. :smile:

Welcome to the forum. Introductions go here:


Sorry about that. I clicked the link and thought I had the right place.

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HELL O I m Ante a new member just wanted to say hi

Hi, @ante, please make your introduction in the proper thread. Just click the image below:


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@Lady_Eva not sure if you might want to lock this thread or not, to stop new members from posting their intros here instead of in the “official” thread. That way you don’t have to keep moving them.

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Might be wise, I’ll take a look later and see what other links should go in here, cheers! :+1:

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