Does Anyone Use Wolf&Goat Oils?

I’d be curious to hear how you use them. I sense the potential, but their customer support is the worst ever.


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Done. How about them oils?

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Wolf and Goat has some neat products but I haven’t tried the oils. I’ve heard good things about them from friends tho.

What other products of theirs have you tried?

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I almost bought their bloated tick fetish but I created something similar instead. I prefer to make my own oils, fetishes, powders, spells, etc. Its more personal and more cost effective in my opinion.

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What he said ^^^.

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Except sometimes they use corpse dust or the dirt from Golgotha and feline viscera. Good luck with that.

What did you hear?

I’ve just heard that their oils are made by a trustworthy and powerful pair of workers.