Baneful magic/entities poking and pulling on someone

I have someone I know well that calls herself laughing at me and talking about me for absolutely nothing. I’ve paid her bills helped her when she almost lost her home etc. and I guess she forgot because now she laughs at me when she comes to my house. She text her bf and they both look at me and laugh. She laughs at my children and my children came to me and asked why she looks at them like she does and laughs. I’m just tired of her ass. I want an entity I can call on that will pull on her ass at night possibly say her name and poke on her just torment her while she try’s to sleep. Cause bad nightmares waking up in cold sweats . I want to torment her. Any ideas of who I can call on to help with this

I would like to know what spirits are best to pull on someone while they are sleeping. Torment them while they sleep. Call the persons name scratching walls just torment and scare the shit out of someone… I have someone who always laughing at me and talking about me and all I did was helped them . I don’t want to hurt them too bad but I want them to be tormented and pulled on at night and dream very messed up dreams . Revenge


please click or tap on the imp before you do anything else! :+1:

You need to do your intro for the forums, tbh. It’ll give us some idea of where you’re at, where you’ve been, and where you want to go, aside from this single question.

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Why are you letting this twat come to your house? She’s not much of a freind and you should probably just cut her out of your life.

Is this person a friend or family member? Why are you obligated to entertain her mess? Why even associate with this bitch if she’s treating you this way? Seriously, tell her enough is enough, either respect me in my house or you can’t come over. Period. Stop letting her in.

She is my husbands sons girlfriend. It would hurt his heart if I acted out but I’m really getting tired of her.

She is my husbands sons girlfriend . I’m really trying to keep things coastal for him

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I understand now, got it :bouquet:

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Hi everyone I do apologize for not properly introducing myself. I’m a southern girl from Louisiana and I’ve always been the type to try and make everyone like me and please everyone . Recently I started going within and realizing I’m tired of letting people do me any type of way and I’m ready to strike back silently by practicing on people around me. I want to practice bonding spells and also baneful on those that keep mistreating me. I’m a woman just finding who I am and In the mist of it I realized if it’s my reality I want it to go how I want it to and I’m really tired of people treating me any kind of way Bc I’m nice. I’m happy to b a part of the family and hopefully make new friends all over the world with like minded people. #universallawsrock


I would call on Jesus because he eschews evil and making fun of you and laughing at you sounds pretty humiliating. I’m sorry you’ve been randomly attacked like that. Feel free to message me just to vent

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Hey thanks for writing back… I really appreciate ur kind words and I’m happy to see like minded people on here . I love the hospitality…

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By the way I would love to contact you to vent from time to time …

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I have already messaged you so check your messages when you get a chance

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